How To Backup and Restore Your Android or iPhone with One Click

How To Backup and Restore Your Android or iPhone with One Click

by Ravi Singh
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how to backup iphone to laptop with one Click

DATA is very important and a huge part of our lives on our phones. Your device settings, the music, contacts, messages and most importantly photos, videos of times and places and people we’ll never be able to relive or revisit. So Keeping all of this safe and backed up is very important. There are several ways, places, and tools with which you can quickly Backup and Restore data to an from the cloud but with some restrictions. So today in this post with the help of video guide, I will show you the right way to Backup and Restore your Android or iOS data like contacts, messages, call history, calendar, gallery, audio, video, and application without any restriction. You can even backup application data but you need a rooted

Why Should You Backup Your Device DATA?

We’ve all heard horror stories of lost photo albums or work documents when a phone is damaged or lost and waiting until it happens to you is not the right time to make sure you are storing everything important in a safe place. If you choose to use the available tool as discussed, use the link in the description to download and install it and manually backup your things, and as I said you need to figure out a regular schedule and stick to it. Because if you forget it one time could be the time you wish you hadn’t.

Backup Any Android or iPhone with One Click

Google keeps your Contacts synced if you have turned it on. So your contacts are always safe. Also, you can turn on auto backup Photos and videos from Android gallery which uploads either a compressed or original copy of your video or photo on Google cloud.

Now the problem with Google Cloud backup and other Clouds is that they have limited storage and with 4K videos and High-quality Android cameras, size of photos and videos is getting huge. So you need pay monthly or yearly to the cloud service you prefer if you exceed limits. Also, There are plenty of folks who don’t want to or can’t use the cloud to store everything and it also consumes a lot of data, battery and time.Cloud Storage Price for Data Backup

So is there is an easy alternative to that, well Yes and it’s your PC where storage is free and doesn’t need any Internet connection to backup or restore data. Also, it’s very quick and easy.

Steps to Backup and Restore Android or iOS Data with One Click

You can use your PC to backup entire data like contacts, messages, call history, calendar, gallery, audio, video, applications from your Android and iPhone without root and store it either on your PC’s local storage or upload it to any cloud like Mediafire, or several others. So that you can access your backup anytime and anywhere.

To backup and restore data, you will Dr.Fone Backup and Restore Tool. But Why Dr.Fone, because this tool supports most popular Android devices including Samsung, Sony, LG and several other models including iPhone and iPad and the list is growing every day. So first download and install it.

DOWNLOAD Dr. Fone – Backup & Restore Tool

  1. Once installed, run it and then click on Backup and Restore Box. This will open a new window.Click to Run Backup and Restore Data
  2. Now you must enable USB Debugging on your Android. To do so, simply open settings, Go to About Phone and look for Build Number and Tap on it for 6 Times.
  3. Go back and look for Developers options setting. Under this, you will find USB Debugging. Just turn it on by confirming yes.Enable USB Debugging
  4. Now take your USB Cable and connect your Android to PC. The Dr.Fone will automatically retrieve the information of your Device and will soon connect to it.
  5. Once connected, you can simply choose which files or data you want to backup. Select all to backup entire data or if you want to backup specific data, just select that.Choose What you want to Backup
  6. If your device is rooted, you can even backup application data and restore it later on.
  7. Once selected, Simply hit Backup. Now, this process can take a while and it depends on How much data is to be backed up. So leave your system for a while until it finishes the backup.Backing Up Data and Data Restore in Android and iOS devices with One Click!

During this process, you should not use your device as this can hinder the backup process.
Once finished, you can check the Backup through the tool and Restore it anytime by simply Clicking on Restore button.

Upload Backup files to Cloud and Access from Anywhere and anytime

Restore Data in Android or IOS

Also, the backup is stored under Documents>Wondershare>Dr.Fone>Backup. So you can simply Compress it and upload to any cloud storage. This way your data is safe and you can download it anytime anywhere and restore your device.

Set Reminders for Regular Backup

Add Reminders for Scheduled Backup and Restore

You can add a reminder to your Android or iPhone calendar for monthly or weekly backup of your data and replace older backup with a new one in the cloud too.


So I hope this can get you started and give you some ideas about how you can keep your things safe and recover in case deleted accidentally. Please subscribe to our channel for more video like this and hit like if you find this video ghelpfullpfuI.


Digember April 25, 2018 - 8:00 pm

Instead of USB data cable, we can use AirDroid app that allows us to backup Android files wirelessly without connecting any USB cable. I haven’t tried Dr. Fone Backup so can’t say much about its results. BTW, thanks for sharing something different.

Ravi Singh May 26, 2018 - 11:49 am

You’re Welcome!


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