Best Tools for Creating Animated GIF image Files

Best Tools for Creating Animated GIF image Files

by Ravi Singh
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Everyone loves GIF’s or Graphic Interchangeable Format which is a special kind of image that also supports animation. Nowadays use of GIF images have increased on social media and sometimes they go viral like videos. Creating GIF is no rocket science. There are so many mobile and PC apps that can be used to create GIF within few seconds. Today in this guide we’ll discuss few best tools that can be used for creating HQ GIF animated images. You can use these tools to share funny pictures on Social Media channels like facebook, Google+ etc or use it to provide visual instruction on your website or anywhere (see example).

How to - Creating Animated GIF image Files

How to – Creating Animated GIF image Files

There are many tools and programs available like Photoshop, GiMP etc. These tools are heavy and requires lot of efforts if you want to create a GIF. In one of our previous guide we discussed how you can convert any Video to Animated GIF. But in this guide we will show you simple tools that can be used to create amazing HQ animated GIFs. So let’s get started.

Tools to create HQ GIFs: Online/Offline


Ezgif is a very simple and effective online GIF creator tool that can be used for basic animated gif editing. Here you can create GIF from a video or pictures.

  • To use this tool, simply head over to Then import you Video or Picture from which you want to create a animated GIF (60MB max. file size for Video).
  • Next, hit “Upload” button and then your video will be automatically converted into animated GIF which you can download once process is completed.
Animated gif editor and gif maker

Animated gif editor and gif maker –

You can also resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects or filters to your gifs. You can also add overlays and adjust animation Speed. It helps in keeping the GIF file size low. It is limited to(GIF/JPG/PNG images, up to 400 files.Max file size 5MB each or 30MB in total and 60MB for Video file) 30 seconds animated GIF file, also you need internet connection in order to create GIFs. Supports MP4 to GIF, WebM to GIF, AVI to GIF, FLV to GIF as well as 3GP, OGV, MOV, M4V and other format converters.

Creating GIF via Youtube:

Youtube is a very popular website that is designed for sharing videos and you can find every popular video on Youtube. One can easily create animated GIF image from any Youtube video by just adding a word – gif at the starting of any youtiube video URL. It will convert that video to GIF.

Creating animated GIF from any Youtube video

Creating animated GIF from any Youtube video

How it Works:

When you add gif at starting of youtube video URL, it will redirect you to a new web page which will fetch the video and as soon as it finishes fetching video, it will ask you to set duration of video of which you want GIF to be created. After you done with that, it will create GIF which you can dowload to your PC or Tab.

Creating GIFs on Windows PC or MAC (offline) using LICEcap:

LICEcap is a popular open source tool available for both Windows and Mac OS. This tool can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to animated .GIF format (that can be used for viewing in web browsers) or .LCF. It looks like a screen recording app at first sight which also has resizable window and record button.

licecap for creating Animated GIFs

licecap for creating Animated GIFs

  • To use it, simply download the program from here and Install it.
  • To start recording, open the app and press record button.
  • Next, it will ask you to save file, browse to any location and the recording will start.

This app also lets you add or insert text in between which makes it a perfect tool for creating HowTo guides or instructional guides.

GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera for Android & iOS:

GifBoom is a popular mobile application available for both Android and iOS used to create animated GIFs. With GifBoom you can easily create GIFs from your android or iOS device’s camera. It’s the best way of creating animated GIF’s from camera. Along with this you can also use any picture or video to create animated GIF using GifBoom.

GifBoom_ Animated GIF Camera - Mobile app for Android and iOS

GifBoom_ Animated GIF Camera – Mobile app for Android and iOS

  • To use it, simply head over to Appstore and install it on your Android or iOS device.
  • Then open the app, create an account to get started.
  • Now open the app, start recording and create amazing animated GIF with the click of a button.

You can also add text, apply filters and add background music to your animated GIF image file. All these feature make it the best GIF creating app that you must try.


Why try this? First of all it’s fun. If you use any other tool or application, please share with us. Don’t forget to Share and subscribe us by entering your E-mail ID or Follow us on Google+.

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