How to Build Your Own Personal Cloud Server like Drop Box – 2 Methods

How to Build Your Own Personal Cloud Server like Drop Box – 2 Methods

by Ravi Singh
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Create Your own Cloud storage like Drop box and Google Drive for free

While working on a guide about creating your own VPN server using OpenVPN for added privacy, I came across Next Cloud and ownCloud— open-source cloud storage platforms that can be used to build your own personal cloud storage that works similar to Dropbox. Most importantly, it’s completely free. You don’t need to spare a single penny to build your personal cloud storage server and you can share your cloud with your friends and family by creating a separate account for each one.

Create Your own Cloud storage like Drop box and Google Drive for free

Why Build Own Cloud Storage?

The cloud server you will be building will have similar features like Dropbox. The ownCloud and NextCloud apps are available for all platforms, i.e. Android, iPhone Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can access and manage your personal cloud storage just like Dropbox through any device. The apps automatically sync your data to your own private cloud service. Additionally, you use apps on your device to edit files stored on the owncloud server.

Plus, you can browse your pictures, watch videos, listen to music directly on the owncloud or NextCloud, whichever open-source platform you want to choose. We will demonstrate both with the help of video guide posted at the end of this guide.

What about Security?

Rest assured, the apps are safe and your data is safe with ownCloud and Nextcloud. For instance, the ownCloud server uses a 4096-bit strong public/private key-pair for every user. That is almost impossible to crack and future proof.

We know that sounds awesome! So let us begin creating our own personal Dropbox-like storage.

Building Dropbox-like Personal Cloud Storage Service

We will showcase two different methods as you know; one with ownCloud and another with Next Cloud. You can try both, will take 5-10 minutes max and then decide which one is more suitable according to your preference and choice.

Before you Begin

  1. Click Here and sign up using your Email account. Use the link to get $50 credits instantly that you can use in the next 12 months.
  2. Next, to use the free $50 credits, verify your account by clicking verification link you receive on the email
  3. Then go to the Billing section to add a credit card. Rest assured, no money will be deducted from your card. Just click ‘Don’t want to add money checkbox’ and you are good to go.

Method 1. Personal Cloud Using OwnCloud Platform

Owncloud Storage

OwnCloud Cloud Storage Interface

  1. Sign in to your Vultr account
  2. Go to Server and click + icon at top right
  3. On the next page, Select the location (choose any)
  4. Click Apps and then select ownCloud from the available options
  5. Choose $5 server and then scroll to the end
  6. Enter the name of your OwnCloud Private Cloud Storage server. For e.g. DIY DropBox
  7. Click Deploy button and wait for a minute or two. Let Vultr configure your personal cloud service
  8. After installation is finished, you will be provided with login credentials that you can use to log in to your ownCloud cloud storage having 25GB of dedicated space on SSD
How to build DIY Cloud STorage like Dropbox

Steps to deploy your own cloud storage for free

  1. Install Owncloud app on your respective system from where you want to access it. Download using the following links:

After downloading, simply login using provided credentials and enjoy personal space on your own cloud. You can share the space and increase the space as well from the settings. Click here for a complete guide on setting up the ownCloud.

Method 2. DropBox like Cloud Storage Using Next Cloud Platform

Nextcloud Storage interface

NextCloud Cloud Storage Interface

The process is similar to OwnCloud, after selecting the location of the cloud server, select Next Cloud under the Apps tab.

  1. Choose $5 server and then scroll to the bottom
  2. Enter the Name of this Cloud and then click Deploy
  3. Wait for a minute and you will be provided with login credentials
  4. Download the Next cloud client app using the following Link:
  5. After installation, open the Next cloud app and log in with the provided credentials. Now you will be able to access, upload your data remotely from any place. Best part, it’s your own personal space on the internet build by you.

To know more and configure your NextCloud for your friends and family, click here.

So go ahead, show off your skills and let people know that you own your own space on the web and not dependent on any cloud storage service provider.

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