Create Android Apps using your Android Phone or Tab With APKcreator

Creating Android App using Android Phone :

That sounds pretty amazing that now you can create an Android app of your own using your Android Smartphone or Tablet. The best part is that you don’t need coding skills to create an android app using this app called APKcreator.

Before proceeding further, one very important thing that i would like to mention here is that you can only build customized webview apps quickly. So if you are thinking that this APKcreator app can help you build apps like Facebook or let’s say Amazon, then please stop.

Create Android Apps on Android Phone or Tab With APKcreator web2App pro

Create Android Apps on Android Phone or Tab With APKcreatorCreate Android Apps on Android Phone or Tab With APKcreator web2App pro

Do you need an Android app for your Website or Blog?

The whole idea behind developing this app is, i think, to transform any website already designed for mobiles into an apk file, thus able to be installed on any Android device. After you successfully create an app for your Blog or Website you can upload it to PlaStorey or any other app store like Mobango, Getjar etc., but that’s up to you. If your website isn’t mobilized yet, there are several solutions online, so have a look for them first.

About APKcreator App :

This app features a very simple interface. You can easily create an Android app for your users. Just follow the apps instructions, which are :

  1. Technically, you will need a website (This will be the template of the app). So submit your website’s or Blog’s URL
  2. You set the parameters needed for your app in the field. for eg. how you want your brand-new app is titled, Choose an app icon etc.
  3. Then the ApkCreator software will generate an apk file for you
  4. Finally enter your email address to receive your apk file through the email provided and share it with your friends and customers.


Create Android Apps on Android Phone or Tab With APKcreator web2App pro

Create Android Apps on Android Phone or Tab With APKcreator web2App pro

Big companies would have their own website and app designers, but this can be agood start for small businesses.

Features of APKcreator App for Android:

• Built-in easy android app creator
• Monetize your app with integrated Admob system
• Send Push notification to your app user using parse!
• Cool splash screen effect for your app with your logo
• Package name manager
• Uses-Permissions manager
• Menu tabs manager
• More than 5 language supported
• See recent apps created
• Desktop version available
• Custom developer service available
• No advertisement from us!
• More feature available to discover inside the app!

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