3 Apps to Customize Effects in Android Navigation Bar without Root

3 Apps to Customize Effects in Android Navigation Bar without Root

by Ravi Singh
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Make NavBar Awesome

Tired of your boring Navigation Bar? Than why not Make it awesome! Today will show you How you can Customize and Add effects to your Navigation bar without Root. I will discuss 3 Different apps available on PayStore for free.

Apps to Customize Navigation Bar in ANdroid without Root

NavBar Apps

This simple, free utility lets you set a custom background color for the navigation bar or set it to match the color of the running app. You can also add a custom image or emojis of your own for a little added personalization. The Navbar Apps also adds widgets to the navigation bar, giving it more functionality than ever before. Currently, you only get a battery widget, but the developer said a music widget is under testing and screen overlays are coming soon.


MUVIZ is an app that displays a Music Visualizer beneath your Navbar while you are listening to your favourite music from your favourite apps. As usual NO root required to use this app. Even if your device has no virtual keys like in Samsung, you can still make the app show Visualizer above your Hardware Navigation. This app not only enhances your music experience but it also elevates your video experience by showing visualizations over your favourite video apps like Youtube, MX Player, etc. What’s more is You have an option to select from growing set of stock Visualization designs and, it doesn’t end up there. You can customize every aspect of stock design according to your needs. You can customize Colors, Shapes, Size and everything you can imagine.

Custom Navigation Bar

Android O comes with navbar customization feature out of the box. But this feature is also available for Android N device! The thing is that this feature is hidden and it took very long for someone to figure it out. Anyways, This app allows you to add custom buttons to your existing navigation bar without root! You can also Customizable navbar layout and integerate Tasker for contextual navbar. This app is working on Android 7, 7.1, O preview, LinageOS, Sony Xperia devices, Nexus devices. This app doesn’t support TouchWiz, LG UX and RessurrectionRemix. i have already uploaded two videos based on this app and how to set it up. So click here to watch that video on custom nav bar setup.

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