How to Backup Windows Drivers

How to Backup Windows Drivers

by Ravi Singh
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Computers and Laptops play a very crucial role in modern technology. However, one of the major problems that we face in our PCs and Laptops is crashing. We do not know when our PC might crash and we are left with nothing but a blank screen. Another bigger problem is installation of drivers in the repaired or fresh PC. Even though your PC is working, yet nothing will run until and unless you install drivers on it.

backup windows drivers

backup windows drivers

We all get driver CD using which we can install each and every required drives on our laptops and PC, it is possible that many of you might have lost it. It is really important to backup Windows drivers so that one could reinstall them in case if an emergency. So here we are going to show you one simple procedure using which you can backup Windows Drivers and reinstall it whenever you require.

Steps to Backup Windows Driver

There are basically 2 methods by which you can backup Windows driver. We are going to tell you both the methods to do so. In order to backup Windows drivers, you will require a software named “Double Driver” which you can download from the link provided below. Using this software you will be able to backup the entire driver to a USB flash drive or an other media device.


Double Driver

Now follow the methods given below in order to backup Windows Driver easily. You need to note that in both the methods, you have to browse the INF file of the driver and point it to the computer.

Method 1 to Backup Windows Drivers

While reinstalling the driver, if you get a “Add New Hardware Wizard” popup, all you need to do is to point out the folder that contains the Backup folder. This particular folder will contain the device driver’s INF file. The PC is going to search for the INF file and then install it automatically. After that you just need to reboot your PC and the drivers will be installed.

Install driver

Method 2 to Backup Windows Drivers

This is a simpler method to reinstall the deleted driver, but you should have the knowledge about the driver that you plan to install. All you need to do is to go to the required INF file, right click on it and then choose the Install option. The driver will be installed and then you just have to reboot your PC in order to complete the process.

So these were the simple steps that you need to follow in order to backup Windows Driver on any media device like USB drive. We hope that you liked the post. Please share your queries regarding the post in comments below.

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