How to Make Android Faster Again- 5 Quick Tips

How to Make Android Faster Again- 5 Quick Tips

by Ravi Singh
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Make Android Faster Again

I use Samsung Galaxy S8, a flagship device from Samsung with Octa-core processor and all high-end specs. But guess what, this phone also stutters and lags at times. Quite recently, I experienced slowdown and lags while switching between the apps. Even after closing all apps, when I open chrome or WhatsApp, the keyboard used to take a while to load and keystrokes were entered after a while which was frustrating. Especially, when you have spent several hundred dollars on your device. And I never experienced this before. I own this device from the last 11 months.

Make Android Faster Again

For budget Android, this situation is even worse. but then, I figured out the reason for the slowdown. This is something that most blog posts and YouTube videos don’t mention. In fact, there’s only a few that I have found.

It’s related to the cache partition of your Android device.

Why Android Phone Get Slower at Times?

Here’s what happens inside your Android that slowdowns your phone which was once snappier.

You might have noticed that the android phone slowdowns after installing the updates whether it’s a security patch or any major Android OS upgrade. I am not entirely saying updates slow down your device. In fact, updates are important and you should always keep your device updated.

However, after the update, the most crucial part that most of us don’t even think about is wiping the cache partition.

How to Make Android Faster Again- 5 Quick Tips

As the name says, the cache partition stores temporary system data. This cache partition allows Android phones to access apps more quickly and efficiently. But then, when you update your Android, the files stored in the cache partition becomes outdated and over a period of time, gets cluttered. Therefore, periodic cleanup or wiping cache partition makes your Android phone run smoothly, with minimum or no lag.

Note that this cache wiping is completely different than what you do using apps like CCleaner or CM cleaner app. These apps clear individual app cache.
So, if you have your Android phone in your hand, turn it off and follow the instructions given below. Trust me, it’s completely safe if you do as instructed.

  1. Press Volume Down or Volume Up and while holding down volume down, press and hold the Power button
  2. Keep holding the key combination until you enter the recovery mode
  3. Now in some device, the combination can be different like in Galaxy S8, you need to press and hold Volume Up with Bixby and Power button. Click here to check the right key combination to enter recovery in your Android device.
  4. Alternatively, you can use your PC and with just one command, adb reboot recovery, any android device will boot into recovery. To know how it’s done, install ADB drivers first.
  5. Now once you are into recovery, use volume keys to toggle between the options. Move the selection to wipe cache partition. Don’t worry, this doesn’t harm your Android anyway, just make sure you have the selection on wipe cache partition NOT the Factory Resetwipe cache partition to speed up android phone
  6. Then press the power button and then using volume and power key once again, confirm wiping cache partitionWipe cache and make android faster
  7. It takes just a second or two and your Android phone’s cache partition is wipedAfter Cache Wipe Android performs faster
  8. Now reboot your device using volume and power key. This reboot after wiping cache partition takes a while since it rebuilds the cache. Once rebooted, unlock the device and experience smoother and comparatively faster performance.Make android faster by rebooting device

I was amazed by this simple tip. It’s so easy and convenient. I highly recommend you to wipe cache periodically to experience lag-free performance. And it works for all android devices.

Here’s the Instructional Video Guide (Please Subscribe)

Additionally, here are 5 tips to speed up your Android device

  1. Consider uninstalling or disabling the apps that are rarely used. These apps eat up a lot of resources in your system making it slower
  2. Use static wallpapers on your device and Reduce Animation speeds. If you own a budget Android device, consider turning off animations under Developers options. Trust me, you will see a huge improvement but you need to sacrifice on transition experience
  3. If that still doesn’t work, go ahead, back up your device and perform a factory reset. That’s something you won’t have to do if you use the tips I mentioned earlier.
    So once again, a quick wind up. If you want to make your Android run faster,
  4. Reduce animation speed through ‘Developers options. It significantly improved your Android phone speed
  5. Time and again, use apps like cm cleaner or CCleaner to wipe your application cache

Finally, try rebooting your Android once or twice a week for a consistent Android performance. It helps your device when things are buggy and your devices tend to go slow. It also frees up more RAM.

With that said, good luck and subscribe to our newsletter for more such articles and video guides. Also, share your thoughts with us if these tips helped you make your Android faster.

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