Forgot Windows Password? Learn How to Reset Windows 7, 8,10 Password

Forgot Windows Password? Learn How to Reset Windows 7, 8,10 Password

by Ravi Singh
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Forgot Windows Password Learn How to Reset or Change Windows 7, 8,10 Password

Forgot your Windows login password? Don’t worry, resetting or changing Windows password is one of the easiest jobs that even a novice can do with the help of this complete guide on “How to reset or change Windows password”.

This is a general guide and works for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 including the latest Spring Creators update 1803. You can use this guide to reset Windows admin password permanently with the password of your choice. To be able to reset and change Windows password, follow these instructions and if you find steps difficult, refer to the video guide embedded in this blog post.

Reset Windows 7, 8, 10 Admin Password

Things You’ll need

  1. A Working Windows PC
  2. A USB thumb drive – 8GB
  3. A Linux distro – Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Puppy Linux, etc.
  4. Rufus app

Step 1. Connect the thumb drive to the Windows PC and run Rufus app.

Step 2. Select the USB thumb drive and then click on Browse icon to locate the Linux distro you downloaded. Choose ISO from the drop-down and click Start.

Step 3. Wait until process is finished and then remove the USB thumb drive.

Step 4. Connect the USB thumb drive to target PC whose password is to be reset and then turn ON PC.

Step 5. Immediately start pressing F12 or Del key to enter ‘Boot Priority Order’.

Step 6. Use the arrow keys to select your connected USB thumb drive from the Option and press ‘Enter’ key.

Step 7. Choose LiveCD/Mode and allow the Linux distro boot completely. After boot, open File Explorer/Browser.

Step 8.  Go to the hard drive where Windows OS is installed. Browse for Windows folder and then go to the System32 directory.

Step 9. Use the search box to find cmd.exe and rename it to cmd1.exe

Step 10. Similarly, search for the sethc.exe file and rename it to cmd.exe.

Step 11. Search for cmd1.exe and rename it to sethc.exe.

Step 12. Simply reboot the system. When the login screen appears, press Shift key 5-6 times continuously. A CMD window will appear.

Step 13. Enter the command:

net user

This will display all active usernames and account present in the system. Note the username of the account whose password you want to change and then type,


Step 14. Replace USERNAME with the selected username whose password you want to change and NEWPASSWORD with your desired password. eg. net user Ravi 12345

Step 15. Finally, close CMD and then choose the user account whose password you just changed. Enter the new password and voila, you have successfully logged into the system.

Don’t forget to rename cmd.exe and sethc.exe to their original names.

Video guide

To guide you better we have also added a video tutorial with this HowTo guide. Please share if this helps!

So that’s how you reset and change a Windows 7, 8, 10 password. If this guide helped you, please consider sharing it and subscribing to our newsletter. We will add more such guides on a daily basis so that you can learn something new every day.

Let us know if you need any help with any hardware or software. We are always here to help you. good day!

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