How to Trace Exact Location of a Person or Mobile Number like a Spy

How to Trace Exact Location of a Person or Mobile Number like a Spy

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Trace location of aphone number and a Person secretly

Today we are going to trace the location of a person or a Mobile number like a Pro. You can use this when you want to verify someone’s location. So for example, if your son or boyfriend says I am at college or office, you can verify that without letting him know that you spied on him.

Trace location of aphone number and a Person secretly

But be aware, this is a serious threat to your Son’s or Boyfriend’s privacy. Don’t overuse it otherwise it will create suspicion and your secret trick will be exposed. With that said, let get started with this easy guide on How to trace someone’s location without letting them know.

Privacy is a Myth.

Trace Location of phone Number or a Person- Legit Way!

So it’s a fairly easy guide, all you need is your smartphone. Doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iPhone. Open Chrome or Safari browser and search for the funniest or weird stupid meme or GIF that you can share with the victim. Just pick any, there are millions, don’t overthink.

  • Press and hold on the image and copy the URL of the image.
  • Now, open and under URL/Image box, just paste the image or GIF link and then Tap Get Logger Code

You will get a short link, copy it. Just tap copy and now, you can share this with anyone whom you want to locate. The good thing about this URL is that the target won’t doubt it as it looks legit and comes from a legit source which is YOU of course.

  • So open Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, or any other messenger including Tinder. Yes!
  • Paste the short link and write some catchy text like This is so funny.

OK, that’s not catchy but it does work.

That’s all. Let the victim click the link. The target will see a funny meme or GIF but you- Oh man, you got the key to find the location of the person.

  • Go back to and click on the first tab and you will see the list of IP that visited the link.
  • Copy the IP address that got recorded as soon as your victim or the target clicked it.
  • After copying, go to IP tracker and paste the IP in the search box. TAP Search and voila!

This fetches details about the current location of your target and displays the location where the concerned person is currently. That’s How easy it is!

Watch The Video Tutorial


So basically You can spy on everyone, theoretically, but I would like to warn you before you proceed. It could be illegal and you could land up in jail or compensate victim if your victim sues you. So keep it limited to yourself and your boyfriend or son. Don’t be a threat to anyone’s privacy. Leave people alone.

Use this when you really need it. So that was all, please subscribe. Hit that Red Subscribe and stay tuned for more such videos. Also, hit like button and share this video if you want to create awareness about the hack. Let your friends know and find out if anyone is spying on them.


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