How to Convert Android Apps and Games into Chrome Apps

Chrome APK Packager Converts your Android Apps into Chrome Apps

Yesterday we posted How to Install And Run Android Apps and Games on Google Chrome Web Browser  but the problem is installing apps is not as straightforward as we might think as chrome cannot load apk files directly. Instead, they need to be modified to be recognized by ARChon,Wwich can be done with the help of an unofficial android app called Chrome APK Packager which we can use to convert android apps and games installed on your phone to chrome install-able .APK files.

Convert Android Apps into Chrome Apps using Chrome APK Packager

Convert Android Apps into Chrome Apps using Chrome APK Packager

While the Chrome APK Packager can convert any android app or game into chrome friendly Chrome app packages, but there’s no guarantee that all of the converted android apps will run on Chrome web browser. Also, there are more than 8 million apps on the Android app-store and most of them might not be compatible with chrome if converted into chrome apps

So this is for those who are willing to try this tutorial. Here’s how you can use the Chrome APK Packager app to convert android apps into Chrome Apps.

You can See the Video below to know How you can easily convert Android Apps into Chrome Apps or follow the steps given below the Video :


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Converting Android Apps and Games into Chrome Apps using Chrome APK Packager:

  • Step 1: Goto the PlayStore
  • Step 2: Install the Chrome APK Packager app on your android device.
  • Step 3: Run the Chrome APK Packager App and select any android app from the list of apps installed on your android device or Select APK files from the Phone Storage (internal/external).
  • Step 4: Select the display orientation, device mode and click on Generate Chrome APK.
  • Step 5: Wait for a few seconds until the Android app is converted into Chrome App and the following message is displayed. “ Conversion is Completed. location : ChromeAPKS folder.
  • Three files/folders will be created, please ignore .zip and Pulled folder and Copy folder with the name of the app that you converted. our case – Candy Crush Saga (watch in the video)
  • Step 5: You can find the converted Chrome app folder in the ChromeAPKS folder in your phone’s internal memory. i.e. Phone memory > ChromeAPKS >

That’s it, you’ve successfully converted an Android app into a Chrome app. Now go ahead and try running the app on Google chrome.

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