How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga – Android, iOS and Windows Phone (No Root Required)

How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga – Android, iOS and Windows Phone (No Root Required)

by Ravi Singh
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You can use this trick to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga on any Android, iOS.

Candy crush Saga is very addictive but at the same time it help us to quickly pass the time when we get bored. Candy Crush game is very simple and it lacks elements such as great graphics or impressive story line, but the game-play on the other hand is something that can get you hooked onto the game for hours.

get unlimited lives in candy crush for android, ios and windows


But the problem is that candy crush restricts the player with limited lives and with every puzzle you play, you lose one live. These lives are generated automatically within a duration of 20 minutes. You will have to wait for another 20 minutes until another live point is generated If you end up using all the lives and you can use that live point to solve another puzzle.

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One way is that you can ask your Facebook friends for more lives. But now you can get additional lives in Candy crush for free with a simple trick and without bothering your friends.

To get unlimited lives whenever you want, all you need to do is change your smartphone’s time to few hours ahead and instantly you will be able to get a few extra lives (Watch the video to see it working).Now you can use these lives to continue playing candy crush. Also, in case if you run out of lives once again, you know what you need to do, simply change the time over again.

Well, this way you will be able to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush without having to wait for hours or rooting your device.


Please ote : Don’t forget to change the time when you complete playing Candy Crush, you can change it as soon as you get life (Watch Video). This trick is same for all versions of candy crush regardless of what operating system it is running on.

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