How to Manage Multiple Cloud Services from One Place

Hello, guys! Welcome to Techposts. I think most of you own several cloud accounts. Such as Dropbox and Google Drive, you may own at least one of them. When MEGA comes, in order to get more free cloud storage, you register it. Every users of Windows have an account to login OneDrive. Many Amazons buyers prefer to use Amazon Cloud Drive or Amazon S3. When you want to take notes wherever you go, you create an account of Evernote. If you would like to edit photos online, Flickr is a good choice.

MultCloud - Multiple Cloud Services Management

MultCloud – Multiple Cloud Services Management

All above services can be called cloud services, a common thing is that they provide cloud storage for us. Thus, we can save our data such as documents, videos, pictures, etc in the cloud. Unlike local hard disk, files in cloud can be accessed on any device through Internet. Cloud computing makes our life easier and solves the problem of out of disk space.

As I mentioned at the beginning, many people have multiple cloud accounts, managing them is a headache. If we haven’t tried to manage, every time we use should sign in first. When we want to find a specific file, we don’t know where it is. A management tool to manage them together is a great idea. MultCloud is such a one! As its official slogan said: put multiple cloud drives into one! Thus, with one login, you can visit all your cloud services in one place.

Except public cloud drives, MultCloud also supports private cloud drive – ownCloud, FTP/SFTP, MySQL, WebDav and so on. In the latest 3.8 version, supported by MultCloud clouds are up to 25. And there is no limits to number of same cloud provider.

How MultCloud Works?

  • To use MultCloud, you have two ways. Sign up or choose “Experience without signing up”. Both are free to start.
Signing Up at MultCloud

Signing Up at MultCloud or Experience it without Sign Up

  • After entering MultCloud, first step is selecting a cloud to add into it.
Select the Cloud Services that You use and want to manage using Mult Cloud App

Select the Cloud Services that You use and want to manage using Mult Cloud App

  • Since MultCloud adopts OAuth authorization, if your added cloud service supports OAuth authorization, its username & password will not be required. After adding successfully, files in you cloud drives can be displayed on MultCloud’s interface. Right click a one, you can find many management operations like in Windows Explorer. MultCloud has a search box at the top right of File Manager interface. Input keywords or suffix, it will help you find target files quickly via search across clouds in MultCloud.
Mult Cloud User Interface

Mult Cloud User Interface

  • Switch to Transfer Service. You can experience MultCloud’s core feature – transferring. “Copy” and “Copy to” in contextmenu can realize simple and direct transferring, but here, you can set more details when transferring and even scheduled file copy, that means the transferring task can still be committed after power off. MultCloud also supports parallel transmission, you can check and re-edit tasks in Task Manager.
Scchedule Transfer or upload and manage file on different cloud services at one place

Scchedule Transfer or upload and manage file on different cloud services at one place

  • About security, MultCloud applies 256-bit AES encryption for SSL transferring. MultCloud doesn’t save or cache your data. That’s because MultCloud doesn’t provide storage volume but traffic. Transferring process costs traffic. You can get free 2TB traffic initially, and upgrade to 10TB is also free and easy.
MultCloud Secures Data transfer with 256-bit AES Encryption

MultCloud Secures Data transfer with 256-bit AES Encryption

MultCloud Chrome Extension:

Now you see, MultCloud is an excellent web app to help you manage multiple clouds. Here is not the end, MultCloud released a Chrome extension. We tried and found that this app can also be installed on Vivaldi browser, good compatibility. This extension is designed to help you use MultCloud conveniently and transfer files between Google Drive and another cloud simply. Tutorial please read here.

So this is how you can easily Manage Multiple Cloud Services from single Place which is MultCloud. If you liked this post, then we request you to please share this article and  Subscribe to us for more such How to Tech Guides on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux below or Connect with us to stay updated for more via Facebook,  Google+ and Twitter


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