How To Remove Virus and Fix Errors On Any Android Device

How To Remove Virus and Fix Errors On Any Android Device

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Is there something wrong with your Android device? Is your phone sluggish or behaving erratically? Are you getting errors or app crashes and you don’t have any idea what’s wrong with your device? Factory reset is an option but you’ll loose all your device data. So is there any safer way to remove these errors or viruses in your device? Answer is Yes! To solve these errors, app crashes and other issues on your device or remove any virus, you need to enter the Safe-Mode in your Android device. So in this post today we will show you how to enter into the safe mode and fix issues and errors that are having with your device. The Safe-Mode in Android is similar to the one we use in Windows Computer for troubleshooting.

How To Remove Virus and Fix Errors On Any Android Device

How To Remove Virus and Fix Errors On Any Android Device

What is Safe-Mode?

Safe-Mode is basically an alternate state of your Android OS in which third party apps and processes don’t work or run in the background. This allows you to safely troubleshoot your Android device.

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How to Enter Safe Mode in your Android Device:

  • Press and hold your phone’s power button for a few seconds until Android prompts you to turn off your phone (Power Off).

    Reboot Android into Safe-Mode

    Press and Hold Power button

  • Next, if you single tap on Power Off button, your device will shutdown (don’t do it). So to enter Safe-Mode, tap and hold “Power off” button for a few seconds until your phone asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode. Tap “OK” when asked.

    Boot in Safe-Mode in Android

    Tap “OK” to Reboot in Safe-Mode

  • Now your Android device will restart and will reboot into Safe-Mode.

Important Note: If you have old Android version running on your device, then you will have to completely switch off your Android and turn it on by long pressing the power button, when you see boot animation, hold down Vol+ and Vol- Button at the same time and you’ll boot into safe-mode.

Safe-Mode Android

Android running in Safe-Mode

  • Now when you are in the Safe-mode, you’ll see a watermark on the bottom-left corner. SO now, as we mentioned, the third party apps will not run and will be grayed-out like you see in the screenshot above. You’ll not find those apps in app drawer but don’t worry, as your apps and data is completely safe.

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What is the Use of Android Safe Mode:

There are several uses of Safe mode or reasons to boot into the safe mode. Some of them are as follows,

  • If your device is crashing and you are getting a few or lot of error messages and you can’t figure it out whether it’s a problem with your system or a problem with any third party app that you recently installed. To solve this, simply uninstall the app via Apps section in the Android settings.
  • If you’ve got a virus or malware or a malicious app installed and you are not able to uninstall it because it’s always running in the background, Then you can easily uninstall those kind of apps using the Safe-mode.
  • Most useful feature of safe mode is that it saves you from the “Factory Resetting” your device. Most peoiple when they have a problem with their android device and they can’t fix it, 99% of the people simply Factory Reset their Android device which wipes all the apps and data from your Android device. So instead of factory reset you can boot into the safe mode to find out the specific issue and fix it either by uninstalling or fixing app permissions. This saves your apps and protects your data.
  • Since no third party apps runs in safe mode, you can experience that your device runs much much faster in safe-mode as lot of RAM and CPU usage available. This will help you figure out how much your device is slowed down over the time due to thord party apps and widgets.

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How to Boot into Normal State of Android OS

To boot Android into the normal state of Android OS, simply press and hold power button and restart your device using Power Off button and your device will boot back to normal state.

So this was all in this post on how To Remove Virus, Fix Errors and app crashes On Any Android Device. If this post has helped you by any way, then please share this article and  Subscribe to us for more such How to Tech Guides on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux below or Connect with us to stay updated for more via Facebook,  Google+ and Twitter

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