Fix Audio and Microphone on All Hackintosh running macOS X (10.12.6) – KabyLake and SkyLake

Fix Audio and Microphone on All Hackintosh running macOS X (10.12.6) – KabyLake and SkyLake

by Ravi Singh
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Fix Audio

Although installing MacOS on a Windows laptop or PC is a little complex and differs from system to system. Making it work like an actual MacBook is way more difficult and complex. Like fixing some of the major common issues Audio, Trackpad, Graphics acceleration etc.  I have already posted video guides on how to fix most of the issues including macOS 10.12.6 installation. Following the same, today i will show you how to Fix Audio in Sierra Hackintosh running on Kaby Lake or Previous generation Processors. This will also Fix your internal Microphones. I have already posted a video on Fixing IntelHD Graphics, so if you have fixed IntelHD proceed or fix it before you proceed with this guide.

Fixing Audio in Hackintosh

This is the easiest way to fix the Audio in Hackintosh but there are some performance limitations as we will be installing the VoodooHDA to fix the Audio. Like in my case Headphone now works but there is this crackling sound which is bad but internal speakers works fine. So first you download the following files:

So first install the latest VoodoohDA 2.9.0. Once installed, just restart the PC and you will notice that your System Audio profiles are now active and most probably Microphone and internal Speakers will be working at this moment.

Next, install the second setup which is VoodooHDA 2.8.8 and then again restarts.

You will notice some additional settings in the VooDooHDA settings. Now this will work differently for different PC. Like you can see HDMI audio profile in my System but it doesn’t work. It may or may not work for you but it will fix the Audio and Microphone on your Hackintosh PC for sure. So try it and then share your screenshots with us via comments below or you can visit our youtube Channel.

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