How to Make $1000 or INR 70,000 on Youtube – 3 Ways Explained

How to Make $1000 or INR 70,000 on Youtube – 3 Ways Explained

by Ravi Singh
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YouTube has got huge audience. It gets more than one billion unique users a month. As much as 1 Million people also known as Creators are already making money there in its YouTube Partner Program alone. It’s easy to get started on YouTube and start making money. But first you need to create your first YouTube channel. If you already created a channel on YouTube than you are ready to make real money.

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So in this post i will discuss three ways on How you can Make 70,000 Rupees or $1000 or more every month on an average from YouTube alone. I will discuss this in details.

How to Earn Money from YouTube – 3 Ways Explained

1. Earn Through YouTube Partnership Program

The First Way with which you can start is by joining the YouTube Partnership Program. In this program Your videos will be monetized if they are eligible. YouTube pays minimum 0.75 to 2 USD per 1000 views. It all depends upon the quality/retention of your videos and the subject of your videos. So suppose if you get 10000 views per day then,

10000 Views*2USD=20 USD*30days=600 USD/month

So if you get 10K views every day on your videos, you can earn 600 USD alone from the YouTube Partnership program.

2. YouTube Earnings from Affiliates Marketing Programs

Another way, which can earn you more money than YouTube partnership program is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing” means selling products in exchange for a commission. If you have watch some of my videos about some Gadgets or accessories, i place links in the description which i get from amazon. It’s a short link and when you click on that link, you are taken to the product page and if you make any purchase on Amazon, i get a commission on that. Now it’s really simple and easy. You can either buy products and review them and then place the affiliate links. SO you can join any affiliate network, you can start with Amazon, then there are other networks include ClickBank, Commission Junction, and

3. Dealing Directly with Brands

This means creating vidoes for companies and brands in exchnage of free products or money or both. I have a Tech YouTube channel and i also write on my Tech Blog, so i get mails from brands which directly approached me to review their softwares and apps, in exchange of full version of those software along with money. My channel is very small yet i get these brand deals. Think about those who git a subscriber base of 1 lakh or more. They get smartphones and other gadgets directly from brands so that they can review them create a video and upload it on their channel. In exchange they get the device or the gadget and money.

One simplest way for starters through Content BLVD, it’s a plateform for creators where you can deal with hundreds of brands directly. Hundreds of products are listed and you can select and send application to those brands directly for creating a review video of their products. This help them reach their potential customers for which you are paid. For Indian friends, you have Blogmint. It connects brands and influencers i.e YOU. It’s similar to Content BLVD and anyone can join these programs and earn a good money via YouTube.


So it’s not true that only big channels with high subscriber base can get brand deals. No, a channel with 2000 or less subscribers can also get brand deals, It all depends upon the quality of content you create and the niche or topic you choose to create video. You can checkout my YouTube channel and Please subscribe to it for How to tech guides and reviews.

There are many other ways through which you can earn like creating a Blog and then combine it with your YouTube channel etc. So i hope this tutorial on How to Make real money on Youtube – 3 Ways Explained helps you grow in future. All you need is a determination to perfect your skill and show people what you learned till now. You should decide now that you will start a YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to our channel and blog for more upcoming videos and tutorials.

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