How to Easily Repair Any Corrupted SD Card or Pen Drive – Quick-Tip?

Hello there, today i’m going to show you how you can repair Corrupted Pen Drive or SD Card by following the Simple Steps. This is a very common problem that we face often. Corrupted Pen drives or sdcard are of no use if you are not able to get the storage back. To repair the storage device, you must follow the instructions below. We have discussed various methods that will help you repair your corrupted pen drive or SD card. For sdcard you will need a Card Reader if it’s not built-in in your sytem and for micro sd cards, please use sd card adapter.

Repair Corrupted sd card and USB Pen drive

Corrupt USB Pen drive or Sd card Repair

Repairing corrupted Pen drive or SD card-Multiple ways:

1. By Changing the Drive Letter:

This problem is related to the system as sometimes it happens that computer is unable to assign a letter or path to your media device for eg. C,D,E,F etc. Due to which your system can’t access the files on the storage device. Solution to this is to assign correct letter to the drive. To do that,

Computer Management

Computer Management

  1. Connect your Sdcard or Pen drive to your computer.
  2. Next, Right Click on My Computer or This PC and click on Manage from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Disk Management in the left side and wait for a few seconds so that Windows can load the Virtual disk service.
  4. Find your storage device and then Right Click on your storage media and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

    Change or define drive letter

    Change or define drive letter

  5. Click the drive letter (it will turn blue) and click Change.
  6. Select the drive letter from the drop-down list. Click Ok.

Using SD Card or Pen Drive on another PC:

Yes, it is very much possible that the culprit is your PC and not the storage device. To know that ty connecting your Storage device to any other PC. If the storage device is working, you’ll be able to backup your data from it.

Reinstalling the drivers

Sometimes the drivers that runs your pen drive get corrupted and your PC cannot detect your storage media. To resolve this, you can reinstall drivers by following these simple steps:

Device Manager

Device Manager

  1. Right click My Computer/ This PC. Click Manage.
  2. Click Device Manager on the left side.
  3. Double-Click Disk Drives in the list. Right Click on the name of your pen drive.
  4. Click Uninstall. Click Ok.
  5. Disconnect your storage media and restart your PC.
  6. Connect your pen drive again. Your PC will detect it.

Repairing corrupted SD card or Pen Drive using Windows Explorer

This is the most commonly used procedure to repair a connected storage media to your computer.

  1. Open My Computer or This PC.
  2. Select the corrupted drive and Right Click.
  3. Click Format in the drop down menu.
  4. Click Restore Device Defaults in the popup window.
  5. Click Start to begin the format process. You can uncheck the Quick format option if you want the computer to deep scan the drive/card for errors but this will take time. So, uncheck it only if you fail in the first attempt.
  6. Click Ok in the next dialog box which will warn you that the data will be lost. The format process will complete in a few moments and you will have your error free SD card or pen drive.

Repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card using CMD

This process involves Windows CMD or Windows command prompt. Here, you have to enter few CMD commands to forcefully format your corrupted pen drive or SD card.

diskpart using CMD

diskpart using CMD

  1. Connect the corrupted storage device to your computer.
  2. Right Click on the Start button and hit Command Prompt (Admin). A CMD window will open.

    Run CMD via Start Menu

    Run CMD via Start Menu

  3. Type diskpart and hit Enter.
  4. Type list disk and hit Enter to see a list of all the storage devices connected to your computer.
  5. Type select disk <the number of your disk> and hit Enter. (Example: select disk 1). Important: Make sure you enter the number correctly. Otherwise, you may end up formatting your internal hard drive.
  6. Type clean and press Enter.
  7. Type create partition primary and hit Enter.
  8. Type active.
  9. Type select partition 1.
  10. Type format fs=fat32 and press Enter. The format process will finish in a few minutes. 

Please Note: You can write ntfs instead of fat32 if you want to carry files larger than 4Gigs.

Recover your lost data

There are many applications and software available in the market today like Recuva by Piriform, Sandisk Rescue Pro that can help you recover your lost data in case you have deleted your files or formatted your SD card/Pen Drive by mistake. The SD card needs to be in working condition to perform the recovery process. For more information on data recovery, check out our HowTo Guide on How to Recover a Deleted File From Your Pc or from Recycle Bin

If you know any other method to repair corrupted sd card or pen drives then please let us know via comment below. For more such guides and updates, please subscribe to our Newsletter by entering your Email ID below or Like and follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Google+

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    1. I have a sd card in which I can’t delete any files and can’t add new files too and this card shows only in windows xp or a chainies phone (based on hava). When I delete or add files it shows everything is okay but when I eject and plug it again it shows same files nothing is changed. what I can do for this to make it again usable? Thanks in advance cause I think you can answer

      • Looks like your card may be write-protected. First, uninstall the Sd Card driver from device manager (instructions are given in the post) and reinstall the drivers. Then use the CMD diskpart to format the drive to fat32.
        This will most probably solve your issue.

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