Samsung developing 11K Super-Resolution Mobile Display with 3D capabilities

Samsung developing 11K Super-Resolution Mobile Display with 3D capabilities

by Ravi Singh
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Samsung has started developing world’s first 11K resolution smatphone display. The 4K and quad HD mobile devices have just started to come in the market but it seems like this will be a thing of past pretty soon. Samsung is calling it a ‘Super Resolution Display‘ and has done more than enough to win the pixels war.

Samsung is developing an 11K 'super-resolution' mobile display

Samsung is developing an 11K ‘super-resolution’ mobile display

To built this Super resolution display, Samsung has partnered with 15 companies and the Korean Govt. which has invested arounf $26.5 million to develop 11K mind boggling display in 5 years.

Samgung’s Galaxy S6 is the recent flagship from smartphone that has a 1440 x 2560 pixels Quad HD display that translates to 577 pixels per square inch. Now if we think about a 11k display than it means the device embraces 2250 pixels per inch density (considering 5.75 inch screen) which is more than enough to show intense colours and detailing on the screen. With this much power, the display will be able to reproduce a 3D-effect that we can see withy our naked eyes (without any special glasses). Currently, The world’s highest density display is Sharp’s 5.5″ UHD (4K) IGZO LCD display (2160×3840) that embraces 806 PPI.

This will also need a lot of processing power and battery power. As it’s a long term project, so we hope that processing power and battery improvements can keep up and be ready for it when it comes.

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