Top 5 Paypal Alternatives Services To Make Online Payments

Top 5 Paypal Alternatives Services To Make Online Payments

by Ravi Singh
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PayPal is a worldwide online payments system and is widely popular online platform for monetary transactions. To use Paypal both the receiver and the sender’s need a valid PayPal account. Many popular online shopping sites, and other carts have integrated with Paypal payment system. However, because of few downside of Paypal, it is still not the perfect payment method we’ve seen so far. Let’s first have a look at the cons of PayPal:

Top 5 Paytpal Alternatives -Techposts

Top 5 Paytpal Alternatives -Techposts

  • PayPal charges high fee for transfers but depends upon type of transaction or payment method.
  • Few countries are not supported by PayPal such as Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc or there are Country-based restrictions on use of PayPal
  • Sometimes PayPal holds your payment and puts it under review with no exact reason.

So taking care of these we came out with the list of Top Paypal alternatives that you can use for online monetory includes transfer of money or online shopping (ecommerce) transactions. We’ll be giving an overview here with the link to their official page.

1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet -Techposts

Google Wallet is an easier way to pay in stores, pay your friends and pay online. You cam speed through checkout with Tap and Pay on your compatible Android device. Google Wallet offers a Card to spend your Wallet Balance anywhere, where Debit MasterCard® is accepted (currently only in US).

You can use Google Wallet in 125 Countries to purchase from Google Play Store. Only drawback is that it has less acceptance as compared to Paypal.

2. Skrill

Skrill Payments

Skrill is a popular substitute of Paypal. Skrill is a platform to send or receive money and shop online. The best thing about Skrill is that it allows instant withdrawal into the bank account of recipient. Anyone can send money to an email ID like in Paypal and can withdraw money through debit/credit card or bank account etc. Also it is globally available. Altogether, Skrill is the best alternative for PayPal.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer - Paypal Payment alternative

Payoneer is the best choice for professionals, such as freelancers and affiliate marketers, who want to receive money from other countries. The company uses many payment method including wire transfer. You can also transfer amount from one Payoneer to another Payoneer user. The only drawback that we feel is rent of credit card which is a bit high.

4. Stripe

Payments using Stripe - Alternative to Paypal

Stripe is another payment service and replacement to Paypal which offers an easiest and simplest way to accept payments from your customers. Stripe facilitates many payment option and accepts payments including cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB.

Stripe currently supports businesses in 19 countries which are US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. You can instantly accept payments from around the world. With Stripe you can instantly charge customers in their local currencies and even Bitcoin automatically. What’s best about Stripe is that it can process transactions in around 100 currencies. You can easily setup Stripe payment using their plugins.

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout - Paypal Alternative

2Checkout or 2CO is an international third-party payment processor and a partial PayPal alternative, because it does not allow transfer of money in between users but allows online merchants to accept credit card payments from their customers.

2Checkout offers services similar to those of PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments etc. Currently, 2Checkout supports eight different payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, PIN Debit cards, and PayPal. In addition, 2Checkout is the best PayPal alternative for merchants as it’s available in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies and you can integrate it with a wide range of shopping carts such as Shopify, ZenCart, Ecwid and 3DCart.


You can choose which is the “best” payment method according to your requirements as we have listed these Paypal alternatives randomly. Do let us know via comments below that which one do you like the most out of these top 5 Paypal alternatives. Don’t forget to Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for latest technology news, Updates and How to guides from Techposts. 

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