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How to Download Documents from Scribd for free – 100% Working

Everyone is aware of  Scribd, which is the world’s largest digital library of all kinds of written books as PDF mostly. Scribd consist of nearly 40 million documents posted by their users.

On Scribd, New and old authors publish or sell their works and  readers can browse through the pages and find appropriate one for their needs. It is essentially a paid service and hence even if it lets you view a certain amount of documents for Free, you can’t download them unless you upgrade to a paid membership. By a small subscription rate, Scribd readers can view and read all such documents from their favorite platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.

With the free membership, you can view a limited number of documents in Scribd’s database. You need a Scribd downloader in order to get the files you want for free. In this blog post, you are going to learn how to download unlimited files from Scribd for free. You don’t even have to create an account with Scribd to download most of the documents with this simple trick explained here.

Download or view PDF and DOC files from  Scribd :

Method 1. By Uploading Method :

We discovered a loophole in Scribd database which allows any user to view or download the files for free, without t even paying for the Subscription pack. Follow the instructions below to download or view a file for free.

#Step1:  Go to Scribd.com

#Step2: Search document or page you want to view or download without paying to Scribd and copy the URL of that page.

Sign Up or Login To Scribd Acount Using Facebook.
Sign Up or Login To Scribd Acount Using Facebook.

#Step3:   Now Log in to Scribd account or simply sign up for a new account. Alternatively, use the Facebook Login option.

#Step4:   After the signing up you will be asked for subscriptions if you are not a monthly subscribe. Just Skip it and get back to your account (important step).

Upload Any Document to Scribd your Account
Upload Any Document to Scribd your Account Upload Any Document to Scribd Account

#Step6: Now Upload any type of document. For eg: create a new text document and write anything on it and upload.

#Step7: Give titles and description for the uploaded content (not required but if you want to, you can) and Save it to continue.

Write file info about the Document you are Uploading to Scribd
Write file info about the Document you are Uploading to Scribd

#Step8: Now paste the URL you copied in #Step 2 in the address bar for downloading that document.

#Step9: You will see a download button, just click on it and your download will start. You can notice here that the file once not download getting download easily.

This is it. It is the simplest way that works most of the time. All you need to do is create an account to upload a file and then try to download desired document.

Watch this Video Explaining Upload Method

Method 2. Using Greasemonkey script to download Scribd Documents and Files :

This is another method that will let you download desired documents and files from Scribd for free. You don’t even have to log in using your Facebook account or Sign up for a new account or buy a paid membership, nor upload any document to Scribd. You just need Mozilla Firefox Web Browser for this task.


  1. Go to this link and download the Firefox Web Browser.
  2. Then add Greasemonkey add-on to your browser. Click download and it will install automatically.
  3. Now download this user-script
  4. and install it within Greasemonkey.
  5. Finally, Go to any document you want to download from scribd and click on download. This custom script will automatically bypass scribd’s payment page and give you the option to download your document.

This works

Method 3.Easiest way to download documents from scribd

1) Go to scribd.com, search for the document you want and open it.  2) Right-click anywhere on the page and click view page source.

scribd-downloader-2 -Techposts
scribd-downloader-2 -Techposts

3) Search for access_key, once you find it copy it to some place. See the image above for an example of what the key looks like.

scribd-downloader-3 -Techposts
scribd downloader – Techposts

4) Get the document id of the documents that you want to download using this free scribd downloader. See the image below for an example of what the document id looks like.

Acribd Downloader - Techposts.org
Scribd Downloader – Techposts.org

5) Replace access_key and document id in this url


And paste the modified url in a new browser window.

6) Let the document load. Once it is completely loaded, click on the print button and then save as pdf.scribd-downloader-6
7) That’s it! The document will be downloaded as a pdf file to your computer. There are a couple of more scribd downloader methods using which you can download from scribd without paying them money.

Now that you know how to download files from Scribd for free, So go ahead and download whatever documents you like.

If you face any problems in following this tutorial, leave a comment below. Also Subscribe us for more such How to Tech Guides on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux below or Connect with us to stay updated for more on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.

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Written by Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh 'aka' Checknmater is an Avid learner and Tech Enthusiast. He is the Founder of Techposts. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for HowTo Video Guides and reviews.


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    • same thing happens with me as well.. I can see the entire document but can’t download more then the first 3 pages 🙁

    • If you click share in the top right corner and then click the link under “READ ON SCRIBD” and then click download, it will let you download the whole thing for free.

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I’m having trouble getting method one to work. I’m sure it’s super simple, but I’m hung up on step eight, I’m not sure what it means to copy the URL in the address bar for downloading that document. When I’m in the download page, I paste the URL in the address bar, but it still downloads the blank doc I uploaded. What am I missing?? Thanks so much!

    • Guys, I have a MUCH easier way. You right click on the image and select open image in new tab. You go to that tab, then you copy it. When you’ve done that paste it on microsoft word and print it then abracadabra! You have whatever sheet you need. (I’ve used this only for music sheets)

  2. I cant follow step #8 in method 1. Theres no ‘download’ that appears in my screen.. pls help me plssssssss coz I really need the document I’m going to download

  3. it works perfectly, the third option is the best! , and i was trying download and I think it work in any browser, but its better use Chrome, -> print from 1-X page, thanks dude!

  4. ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou

  5. Method 1 worked perfect. For those having trouble in step 8 simply after you uploaded copy URL page that you originally want and paste it to address bar of your browser and after it refreshes you will see download button.

    I tried also Mehtod 3. It worked but when I save as pdf it only takes first 16 pages. But still I could reach online

  6. hey checknmater I am unable to download paid books as well as free books. try this now and please tell me is it working for you now. the download button is there but I am unable to click. A reply would greatly be appreciated.

  7. I think this is my first time commenting on some internet post other then youtube. Man, your method is great and it helped me so much!!!

    I’m gonna check out more of your blog and although I’m not into tech all that much I’m gonna browse it just outa respect !!

  8. Hello, Thanks for the great work. It works on my laptop. Can this work on andriod phones as well? I await your quick reply. Thanks

  9. For method 3, I’m getting a white bar at the top and a blank (grey) background below with two wheels (that keep spinning endlessly) and the words…saving trees or typesetting or rendering….Scribd new web design seem to have disabled this trick!!!

  10. For method 3, in case of preview books , I keep getting a message with two wheels spinning and a text below showing “typesetting”

  11. Hey,
    I’ve tried all three methods, a few times, and none will work. Do you know if they’ve gotten wise to the downloading tricks and have blocked these?
    Any help is much appreciated!!

    • Hey,you can try the first method it worked for me. After uploading a random file, you just have to paste the url of required document in place of the orginal uploaded document in the browser address bar and press enter. Then the required document will appear. You can click dowload on the said page and it will work.

  12. I tried the first method. After copying the URL and enter, i saw the page of the book I want. but I cannot find the Download button anywhere. did i miss anything? thank you so much.

  13. I know this is old but the user-script for GreaseMoney isn’t available through that link, any way it’s still available elsewhere?

  14. I would also like the script.
    Non of the methods have worked for me: the first doesn’t show a download button and I cannot find the “access_key” in the page source.
    Thera are only 3 occurrences of the word “access” and non of them are what I need. :/


  15. Does this only work with Docs? I’ve tried several “https://www.scribd.com/book/” URLs and no go. I tried method #3 and I get a never ending “typesetting..,” with two spinners above in both Chrome and IE 11 (didn’t bother using Edge because everything reports it as chrome, so I would assume it would treat it like that) and “Saving trees…” with the same spinners in Firefox. As for Method #2, script link (TinyUpload.com) gives me “File was deleted from server. File was deleted by owner or exceeded maximum storage time (100 days from last download).” So no go on that. I have a subscription to Scribd, so I can access the full book(s) online. I’ve tried two online downloaders (scribdownload.com and pdfdownloader.lain.in) with the first just looping the homepage when the URLs are submitted, no errors, and the second giving me “Server error 500”, basically the submit location php is down or errored. Example of URL one that nothing seems to work on is https://www.scribd.com/book/220193980/Card-Games-For-Dummies, but as I said, it is anything in the “book” category in the URL.

  16. Hi!
    thank you very much for the three options.
    I can´t get any of the three to work :(…Option one isn´t not showing the download button, The greasymonkey script from option two doesn´t work too and the third option ends in a never finishing “loading” screen 🙁

    Could you download this ebook? (https://www.scribd.com/book/264114937/Advanced-Software-Testing-Vol-2-2nd-Edition-Guide-to-the-ISTQB-Advanced-Certification-as-an-Advanced-Test-Manager)

    Thank you very much in advance!!!!!

  17. method one link is missing
    method three the images are so tiny you can’t read them
    please relist so we can actually use it

  18. Thanks for the effort Ravi, much appreciated!

    This is the target document: https://www.scribd.com/book/282496123/Electroplating-Basic-Principles-Processes-and-Practice

    I have tried options 1 to 3. See below for results per option
    1) used my facebook account to log-in, it appears I have used it before to login (in 2012), assume that shouldn’t prevent the hack to work. Followed step 1-7, on step 8 no download option appears. Instead it says:
    “Yup, we’ve got that one
    And more than one million more. Become a member today and read free for two weeks.”
    Options I have:
    read w 14 day trial
    read preview
    add to library

    2) user scrip (point 3) is not downloadable
    3) here is the link I generate: http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=282496123&access_key=key-7TofvvUezllu3nvooe1T
    tried opening document through
    a) chrome (48.0.2564.116 m): it says typesetting, showing bicycle with moving wheels, don’t disappear within 10 minutes
    b) firefox (42.0): only empty pages load w scribd logo centered, after 5 minutes notification appears “there was an error converting this document”

    Am I doing something wrong, or just not working for the specific document?

  19. Hi!
    thank you very much for the three options.
    I can´t get any of the three to work :(…Option one isn´t not showing the download button, The greasymonkey script from option two doesn´t work too and the third option ends in a never finishing “loading” screen 🙁

    Could you download this ebook? (https://www.scribd.com/book/264114937/Advanced-Software-Testing-Vol-2-2nd-Edition-Guide-to-the-ISTQB-Advanced-Certification-as-an-Advanced-Test-Manager)

    Thank you very much in advance!!!!!

  20. Dear Admin,
    I have a better way to Download. But want some help from anyone willing to help.
    You can download the scribd document by this link https://scribdownload.com/download/document?url= “link of scribd”

    So, can anyone build a site and add a textbox there and a button to download.
    On pressing the button the download will start.

    Thank You in Advance

  21. Urgently need the doc at this link : https://www.scribd.com/doc/249209459/Peter-Linz-Solutions
    Method 1 does not work. The download option appears but the file wont download and the message “We’re sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated download queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now” gets displayed.
    ‘Method 3 goes on some sort of infinite loop.
    Please help me… Its badly needed

  22. Hi, all. For those who have been having trouble with Method 3: it works perfectly, but as it has been said, YOU HAVE TO WAIT for the whole page to load. If your connection is not full-hollywood 😉 and the document has many pages and many graphics, it can take a looooooot of time. Bear in mind that this “new” page is a render of the document, not the document itself. You may want to go to the last page and check if it has been rendered before trying to print. THEN you may print/save as PDF. Hope that helps.

  23. Using scribd app is more easy to download the file. 1Stly install scribd app n then login as the user and find the doc. Click save to the device. So you don’t need to upload if u don’t have document to upload.
    And then if you want to save as pdf file, just using file explorer and find cache document folder. You will see the numbering folder. Open it and you will see the file name content. Copy it and paste. Then rename it to content.pdf extension. Open it by using pdf app. Then rename it by the right file name.

  24. Thanks for sharing, this post is great! I tried method 3 and it didn’t work for me (it takes hours for the page to load, and maybe for ever without any result), then I tried method 1 and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot again!

  25. I downloaded one book using method 1, it really worked. But the problem is I want to download 2 books but after I downloaded first book I can’t download the other. Someone helps me, please

  26. Thanks a lot!
    Method 3 works great for me!

    Pour les français: (dans Mozilla…)
    -Dans un nouvel onglet, coller la ligne suivante dans la barre d’adresse :
    -Sur la page du document a charger: copier dans la barre d’adresse les chiffres (id) qui se trouve entre les 2 //
    -coller les dans l’adresse du nouvel onglet à la place de “108992419”
    -Sur la page du document a charger : Clic droit puis “code source de la page”
    -Ctrl+F : cela affiche une ligne de recherche en bas de votre fenêtre, taper “key” dedans: cela vous amène vers accès_key!
    -Copier le bout ressemblant à “key-13davbcdewnewn9m5w02”
    -et coller le dans le nouvel onglet a la même place.
    Vous arrivez alors sur l’aperçu du fichier que vous pouvez alors imprimez en pdf (nécessite parfois l’installation d’un programme adapter pour ceux qui n’en aurait pas…).
    Il faut attendre que toute les pages est bien chargé pour que ce soit possible, du coup on peut rencontrer des difficultés avec les gros fichiers…

    J’espère que ça vous aidera!

  27. Another easier way exists …. Just press Ctrl + S… This will save the html file…. Now you can read the PDF offline. 😛 very easy than the methods described here.. 😛 😛

  28. The first step works perfact. I did not login or registered. Direct go to upload section and follow from the step 6….

  29. Method 3 works fine with me, but I have still a question:

    Why can’t I download it as a pdf file? I can only print it!

  30. First method worked like a charm..!! On the go …… Thankuuuu so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU THE BESTEST DUDE!!! THANKS FOR HELPING ME TO MY SCHOOL PROJECT!!! 😀

  31. Hiii.
    I tried to use the Method 3, but only appear a page with “Typesetting” and a engine loading but nothing happening.
    Can you tell a way to fix it?


  32. method three is not working is just sticks on typosetting for chrome and for firfox it ask me wwhat i want to do with the sv file . i dont understand what sv file they are talking about in the firefox

  33. Hi Ravi,
    I tried method 3( I really love&enjoy it), by using chrome, safari, firefox on windows or macos, it’s not working. there is a bike keep running, showing the word “typesetting”. I guess the file I am trying to download is too big, so it takes time, am I right? Or anything I missed? Thanks in advance!

  34. Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for taking the time to create this article and provide these top tips.

    I tried all three methods today and yesterday; I am struggling to get any of them to work to be honest.

    Method 1 – did this, but cannot see where the “Download” button is?

    Method 2 – did this, again, same issue, cannot see where the “Download” button is?

    Method 3 – did this, issue here it constantly has “typesetting” / loading, but never loads – I left it for around 2-3 hours just in case!

    Do you have any pointers? Are they still working definitely? And if yes, can you please screenshot where the “Download” button is?

    Thanks for your assistance Ravi; it is truly appreciated.

  35. Teaching others to take something that isn’t theirs (theft) will land you in the hottest place for all eternity (Our Creator has this written in the bible so we know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil)

    Ravi Zacharias might put it better to you though than that.

    • Brother, use first method, it works well and you will be able to download this document in no time. We have also posted a video in this post. Please watch it.

  36. For those having problems with method 3 (endlessly spinning the bike tires with “saving trees” message displayed) I couldn’t get it to work with chrome, then tried it in IE and it worked in a fraction of a second. I hate IE, but every now and then it works.

  37. I tried 3method on android. It downloads .swf file not PDF please help me my phone memory is low so I can’t use chrome help me

  38. Hi Ravi.. i have a paid scribd membership… but the website still doesn’t have the option of downloading the books…. how can i do it?? thank-you!

  39. I want to try the first method but every time I open a book to copy its URL the download button isn’t there. Instead there’s “Start you free 30 days”. How can I get the download link for the book?

  40. The greasemonky script no longer works. After installing it and going to Scribd and clickcing on Download you see a spinning circle icon briefly and then one is still prompted to either upload or take out a monthly subscription.

  41. Thanks for the Great information..
    method one is awesome. It helped to download several similar PDFs with the single upload.

  42. hello ravi how can i download this document “https://www.scribd.com/document/193555195/Intermediate-Mechanics-of-Materials”. I tried all the method but none of that work. Please help me.

  43. Superb blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?

    I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paiid option? There
    are so many optons out there that I’m completely confused ..
    Any recommendations? Cheers!

  44. Hey just wanted to I tried #3 first, and it didn’t work for me. But I tried #1 & it worked! I thought they would have shut these downloading methods down, since people have been using them for years it looks like, but nope! I don’t know how you do it, but you do it! Thanks man! (If the date for this post doesn’t show, this is November 29, 2016, and still working)

  45. Hey I just wanted to add, you can download 3 pdf’s per upload. And when you upload a new document you can download 3 more pdf’s. All my documents say is doh. The next one ra. And just put that in the title and description or what ever that was. It’s that simple!
    Thanks again! 🙂

  46. How awesome are you dude. I got to your page but even after reading I did not think this would work. BUT IT DID and now I do not have to shelve out $$$$ for a text book for personal purpose which should have been free for all anyways.

  47. Hi dude,
    I tried step 1 but didnt work for me. I uploaded around 4 docs, still it didn’t give me download button. Whatever I do, it shows a dialog box saying, “Start your free 30 days” . I am giving up on this.

  48. Awesome! Dec 2016 tried option 3 but although it ‘worked’ I think my connection isn’t fast enough for it to load without waiting hours. After waiting some time I decided to go with option 1 and that worked immediately. Site terminology update: click’no thanks’ to the free trial, and ‘done’ rather than save after uploading your item. After paste in the url for your desired book there are several download buttons. I clicked on the simple arrow at top right of the cover page. Worked straight away. I then pasted another url into that same tab and that worked too. Thanks heaps. I read online that accepting your month free trial can be hard to opt out of and so appreciate not having to jump through those hoops.

  49. method 3 also worked great ,however dont paste the adres in chrome it doesnt work.i used internet eplorer and then it worked great

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