[How to] Make Your Android Think You Have a YouTube Red Subscription for Free

Hello there, today via this post i’m going to show you how to make Youtube Android app think you have a Youtube Red subscription. Youtube Red is an amazing service offered by Google which lets you watch any video on Youtube without ads. You can also continue video playback even after you exit the YouTube app or when you turn your screen off. The Youtube Red subscription costs arount $10 for a month. With that said, it’s not the same deal in every country. It may be a steep for lot of people around the World. So if you are not subscribed for this service for whatever reason, but still likes Youtube Red app features like background playback and no ads, then this post is for you.

Youtube Red Subscription for free via Xposed

Youtube Red Subscription for free via Xposed

How to Get Youtube Red Subscription free

Step 1. To get this one going, you need to have Xposed framework installed which also means you have a rooted Android device with custom recovery installed and “Unknown Sources” enabled.. If it’s not installed, please see How to Install Xposed Framework on Android

How to Get YouTube Red for Free -Techposts

How to Get YouTube Red for Free -Techposts

Step 2. Open the Xposed app and search for “Youtube Background Playback” and tap to view details. Now Swipe left on the versions tab and tap the download button below the latest version.

Within few seconds, installer interface will popup and from there, tap on install button to start installing the app.

Step 3. When installation finishes you’ll see the notification from the Xposed telling you that the module has not been activated yet. So to activate it, tap on the notification and on the following screen tap on the checkbox next to Youtube Background Playback module and then reboot your device.

Step 4. After reboot, no further setup is needed and from now on your Youtube app will think that you have a Youtube Red subscription. To test it, sign into Youtube with any Guest account that does not have Youtube Red subscription and just start playing any video. The first thing you’ll notice is that there are nomore ads shown before or during video playback and you’ll not see any yellow mark on the seek bar that indicates that an ad is coming up.

How to Get YouTube Red for Free « Android Hacks -Techposts

How to Get YouTube Red for Free « Android Hacks -Techposts


The best part and feature of Youtube red comes in play when you press the “Home” button. Instead of outright cutting off the video, the audio keeps on playing in the background and you get a notification that says that video will keep playing even with the screen off coz you have “Youtube Red” subscription.

Overall it’s a simple and effective module that gives you some pretty awesome functionality. For more Tips and Tricks like this please subscribe to our Newsletter by entering your Email ID or Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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