What is P2P File Sharing And How does It Works?

The term P2P refers to “peer-to-peer” networking, an alternative to client-server network design. It’s a process of sharing digital media which includes e-books, multimedia (music, movies, video clips) through a direct connection between two peers or nodes. A peer-to-peer network allows computer hardware and software to function without the need for special server devices. P2P client software works by allowing a computer to get connected to a P2P network. Here, the peer which hosts the file is called a seed and the one which downloads it is called a leech. uTorrent and BitTorrent are best examples of file sharing protocol using P2P connection that is quite favored.

P2P File hsaring

P2P File hsaring

Another example is Microsoft Windows XP (starting with Service Pack 1) contains a component whicjh is called “Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking.” P2P is more popular in homes where an expensive and dedidated server computer is not at all practical, also not necessary. Many people also call P2P as “people-to-people”.

How P2P File Sharing Works?

To know more about What is P2P and How does it work, please watch the following video guide,

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