Login to Facebook, Twitter or any online account without entering Passwords – Using your Phone's Camera

Waltz is a modern account manager for the web. Like Clef plugin and app that can be used to login to your wordpress site’s account without entering username and password that too very securely (2-fator authentication). Clef makes your WordPress site much more Secure from hackers, similarly Waltz makes it easier and safer to browse the web. Both Clef plugin and Waltz which is a Chrome extension works with the Clef mobile app. The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Enter Username password once and then control it via your Phone

Setting up your Accounts with Waltz and Clef App

Waltz lets you use Clef mobile app to log in and out of all of your favorite sites without a password. There’s nothing for you to remember or type, and Waltz lets you log in (and out) everywhere at once. Waltz lets you identify yourself to any computer by simply holding up your phone so you don’t need passwords. Your phone does all of the hard work to keep you safe, and you don’t have to remember anything. If you ever lose your phone, you can always deactivate it quickly and safely from www.getclef.com/lost.

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No wmore worrying about forgotten password or reset password

No wmore worrying about forgotten password or reset password

Login to Facebook and other Social media Acoount without entering password

Login to Facebook and other Social media Acoount without entering password

Login to Gmail Acoount without entering password

Login into Gmail Acoount without entering password

Using Clef Mobile APP and Waves scanning

Using Clef Mobile APP and Waves scanning

Single sign off – Log in or Out from anywhere

With Waltz, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you remembered to log out of a website while you were browsing. From your phone, you can always sign out everywhere at once with just a tap of a button.

Watch waltz app for password less logins Video.

When you leave your computer, your identity shouldn’t stay behind unprotected. You don’t have to go to login pages to log in anymore. If you’re reading a post and want to comment, you can log in without changing pages. Since you don’t need to type anything, Waltz doesn’t care where you’re logging in from and that saves your time.

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Final Words

Waltz and Clef have introduced a new simple, secure and gives you a magical way of logging into your wordpress site and other accounts on Web (Social media, forums, any website etc.). Tell us what you think and how’s your experience with Clef and Waltz in the comments below.

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