Mac OS Sierra on Kaby Lake i7 7500U Powered Dell Inspiron 7000

Let’s talk about Hackintosh on a Kaby Lake Chip, I have specifically installed Mac OS Sierra on a Dell Inspiron 7560 running on i7 7500U Kaby Lake, Intel HD 620 with 8GB DDR4 RAM. It’s not easy to create a stable Hackintosh and So in this post, i will show you people what’s working on this system and what’s not. So without further ado, let’s move ahead,

Mac OS Sierra on Kaby Lake i7 7500U

Kaby Lake chips are yet not supported by Mac OS but after struggling and working on this for more than 3days i managed to figure out How to get it installed on this System or any other system, running on Kaby Lake chip. Thanks To Girish who helped me a lot in this case.

Why I installed Mac OS on Windows Laptop

So what i did here is i installed Mac OS Sierra on an External SSD drive packed in a Transcend 3.0 Enclosure. The installation took less than 20 minutes in my case. My purpose of installing Mac OS on this system is only one, to use FCP for production. I wanted to to buy a 2015 Mac Pro but it’s not available in market anymore, the 2016 is way too ahead of it’s time with only C type ports and on top of that, it’s Price.
Now let me show you what’s working on this system and what’s not. First and most important, WiFi is not working. The audio is not working, `Bluetooth is working properly.`Camera is also working`, Card reader doesn’t work, Ethernet connection works.

I tried several kexts and even use Config_HD620.plist from Rehabman, but the Intel Graphics still showing only 7MB graphics memory. So GUI lags here and there. Rest things works pretty decent. Battery is also not detected which could do serious damage to battery of you run it on battery power. Use power adapter until this issue resolves.

Bluetooth is working properly, you can connect your iPhone or Android device and transfer or receive files also. I have connected this system to internet via Ethernet DHCP cable connection, which works fine without additional settings.
Other important part, the Touchpad, it’s not working properly. You can move curser and select only by clicking. Tap is not detected, so everytime if you want to open a app or even select a file, you have to click touchpad.

Then i have used Sky Lake Fake CPU ID to make it run on this Kaby Lake chip which was not easy to do, as i am a newbie to Hackintosh. The display resolution is detected exactly what it is but it shows screen size as 30.5 Inches.


It is good to see it working on this system and i hope to make Graphics, audio and WiFi work on this system in comming days. You can install Mac OS on most Laptops running Core 2 Duo and above. So if you want to know how i successfully installed it on this system running on a Kaby Lake chip, leave your comments in the comment section below and if i get enough requests, i will upload a dedicated How to guide on How to get Mac OS working on Laptops and PC’s with Kaby Lake Chips using Windows and without Macbook.


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