How to Play PSP or PPSSPP Games on iPhone or iPad – No JailBreak Required

How to Play PSP or PPSSPP Games on iPhone or iPad – No JailBreak Required

by Ravi Singh
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In this guide, you will learn how to Install PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator and play PSP or PPSSPP Games on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

To play PSP games on the iPhone or iPad, you don’t need jailbreak. You can play popular PSP games on iPhone like WWE, Tekken 6 or Final Fantasy Crisis Core. Here’s a list of top 10 PSP and PPSSPP games that you can play on your iOS devices.

How to Play PSP games on any iOS device without jailbreak

The best part, it 100% free and supports iOS version 9.0 and up. The new iPhone 11 devices are also supported and as I have also tested it on older iPhone 6s. This will also test your iPhone device’s real performance capability as the PSP emulator is one of the most demanding apps. Now you might be quite excited to see how it works and how well it plays PSP games. So let’s get started,

Things Needed Before You Start:

  • You need an iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.0 and up
  • A PC or Mac to import games 
  • Working high-speed internet connection (slower will also work)

How to Play PSP Games on iPhone and iPad devices

Click on Emulators after opening iOSEmus app

Step 1: Open the Webpage

Go to your iOS device and open the Safari browser and in the top address bar paste the following link or visit

Install PPSSPP using iOSEmus or iEmulator

Step 2: Now install the iOSEmus app and Open It

Once you’re there, hit on emulators and then scroll all the way down till you see PPSSPP.

Tap on that and hit on the “Install” button and wait for confirmation, then hit “Install” again. Hit the Home button and the application “PPSSPP” will install wherever your device has space on the screen.

Add PPSSPP as Trusted app from Settings

Step 3: Allow Access to the App

Once installed, you need to allow access manually in iOS 9+ iDevices. But if you’re running anything below iOS 9, you would just get a pop-up and you can hit “Trust” and the app will launch.

If you are on iOS 9 and up, go to Settings>>General and scroll all the way down till you see the “Profile” tab.

Tap on profile and you will see PPSSPP, hit Trust “CMN VIET NAM ONLINE…..” and tap on trust when the pop-up appears. Now you will be able to launch the PSP Emulator app called PPSSPP on your iOS device.

So now that we are in, let’s import the Games to your iOS device.

Steps to Import and Play PSP Games on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Step 1: Download the PSP Game ISO

To import games on your iPhone or iPad device, you need a PC or Mac.

  • Visit where you’ll be able to search all PPSSPP supported games.
  • Or download the best PPSSPP Games from below link
  • Browse and download your favorite PSP game that you would like to play on your iPhone or iPad device using the above link. I would recommend you to go for Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai.
  • All the links are direct, so copy-paste links or click on them to download PSP ISO ROMs.
Unzip the ROM and Upload using iTunes in your iOS device

Step 2: Extract the PSP Game ISO

  • Now once the game is downloaded on your PC or Mac, you need to unzip it and extract the “ROM iSO” file from inside using tools like WinRar or 7zip or iZip if you are on Mac.

Step 3: Copy or Move PSP Game ISO to iPhone or iPad

  • Once the file is extracted, all you need to do is to connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac and open iTunes.
Play PSPa nd PPSSPP Games on PC
Add PSP ROM file to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Now Tap on the icon for your device and select apps.
  • Scroll down to “File sharing“. If PPSSPP doesn’t show up straight away, just hit Sync and it will show.
  • Click on PPSSPP to highlight it, click on “Add File” in bottom-right.
  • Then go to the location where ROM was downloaded and saved. In my case, it’s on the Desktop.
  • Double-Click on that and you’ll see a nice little loading bar at the top showing you how far or long it is.
Locate ROM downloaded on your PC or Mac
ROM Uploaded to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Step 5: Play the PSP Game on Your iPad or iPhone

Once finished, you will see the game in the box or under PPSSPP Documents, that’s it. Now you are ready to go and you can now play the PSP game on iDevice.

Playing PSP Games on iOS devices:

Tap on the Game icon to launch the game and start playing on iPhone

So now that everything is done, all you need to do is open the PPSSPP app. Kill the PPSSPP app if it is running before starting the app again just to refresh it.

From now onwards, when you open it again, you will see your ROM inside the emulator.

Now all you need to do is tap on the Game icon and it will start and you can play the game. But before you start playing it’s important to adjust settings in order to play games smoothly and increase performance.

Best PPSSPP Settings for iOS Devices- iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Settings Adjustment for lag free gaming and best performance

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running the latest device or a slightly older, if settings are not good or changed, you will experience performance issues. So I will share my PPSSPP Settings and I want you to make exact changes as I show you,

PPSSPP Graphics Settings for iPhone and iPad

  • Mode: Buffered rendering
  • Frame skipping: 1
  • Tick Auto Frameskip
  • Tick Lazy texture caching (speedup)
  • Tick Disable Slowe effects (speedup)
  • Speed Line Curves – Set it to “Low”
  • Tick Timer hack
  • Tick Disable Stencil Test
  • Tick Texture Coord Speedhack (speedup)
  • Always write depth ON

PPSSPP Audio Settings on iPhone and iPad

  • Enable Sound
  • Set Audio latency to Low
  • Tick Sound Speed Hack

Do not change the control settings as it’s not required. However, you can adjust the transparency of the controllers according to your choice.

PPSSPP System Setting On iOS Devices

  • Fast memory ON
  • Change CPU clock: 400
  • JIT ON

These are the Settings that you need to modify in PPSSPP – PSP emulator for iOS devices. Now you can launch the game and start playing.


PSP Games ROM i have on my iPhone 6S

The gameplay is pretty good but the sound is not 100% but the gameplay most importantly is spot on. If you want to save the game at any point, there’s a little arrow at the top. Just click that and you’ve got your slots to save game data, hit “Save State” and it’s automatically done.

You can resume your game from the point where you saved and left it. To do so, launch the game, hit the top arrow and then hit on Load state to resume the gameplay.

So this was all in the post, I hope you guys liked it as much as I did. My experience was great and before leaving I just want to say something for the Final Fantasy fans that there is one game that is really protected and that’s Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

This gives a glitch at the start of it. This was put in place to, obviously, protect its game but there is a way to get around which I will cover in my next post if I get any responses from the Final Fantasy Crisis Core lovers.

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