How to Remove or Bypass Jio 1GB Daily Data Limit – 100% Working

I was writing an article about how you can get 3GB Airtel data every month for 12 Months, worth Rs.9000/-  for free on every Android device. I have a postpaid connection but i have also tried this trick on Airtel prepaid. I will discuss this trick in my upcoming post but today i will show you how you can increase Jio daily data limit from 1 Gb to 10 GB or More. To remove this data limit of 1 GB in Jio prepaid, you need to follow simple instructions given below.

Increase Jio Daily Data Limit of 1 GB to 10 GB Everyday

The trick is really simple and straightforward therefore all you need to do is follow each instructions carefully. If you find any difficulties or having any issues, you can contact us via comments down below. So, to start with this trick,  you need a working Jio SIM and a 4G/LTE compatible Android device.

#Step 1: First, go to Play STore and install Jio App if you haven’t already.

#Step 2: Open Jio app and Sign in/Sign up to your Jio Account.

#Step 3: Next, Check your Data balance. I recommend you to use entire 1GB data limit for that day and use this trick only when your limit has reached 1GB daily limit.

#Step 4:  Now to get more data on the same day, all you need to do is, first close all apps including Jio App. Then go to Settings, Under General settings, Find Date and Time settings.

#Step 5: Next, just turn off “Automatic Date and Time” then set date to next day. Suppose today is 30 Jan 2017 and your limit for that day has reached to limit, set date to 31 Jan 2017.

#Step 6: Now open Jio app again and Sign in to your account. Again go on Usage and check data balance. You will be surprised that you just got 1GB extra data that can be used same day.


Hope this trick was helpful for you and that you have successfully Removed Reliance Jio limit of 1GB. Get some extra GBs 4G/LTE mobile data on Jio for free. If you want to learn more tips and tricks like these, please subscribe to us. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for quick daily updates and Remember, in the next post, i will show you How you can get 36GB Data worth Rs.9000/- on Airtel for free and it works 100%. I am using it, till December 2017. Enjoy guys.

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