Top 25 Games List for PPSSPP PSP Emulator

The PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portable) has been part of our lives for more than 2 years now. PPSSPP is a free and open-source PSP emulator for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and Symbian. This is a list of the top 25 games that we tested on the PPSSPP Game Emulator. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Top 25 Games List for PPSSPP PSP Emulator
  1. DaxterDownload ISO
  2. Rock Band Unplugged – Download ISO
  3. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge – Download ISO
  4. KillZone : Liberation – Download ISO
  5. Jeanne d’Arc – Download ISO
  6. PixelJunk Monster Delux – Download ISO
  7. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X – Download ISO
  8. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Download ISO
  9. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – Download ISO
  10. Resistance: Retribution – Download ISO
  11. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles – Download ISO
  12. LocoRoco 2 –Download ISO
  13. Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 – Download ISO
  14. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – Download ISO
  15. Lumines II – Download ISO
  16. Mega Man Powered Up – Download ISO
  17. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Download ISO
  18. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection – Download ISO
  19. God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Download ISO
  20. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Download ISO
  21. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy – Download ISO
  22. Patapon 3 – Download ISO
  23.  Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions – Download ISO
  24. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together – Download ISO
  25.  Valkyria Chronicles II – Download ISO

Download and Enjoy!

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