Use Microsoft PowerPoint as Screen recorder and Screenshot Utility

Use Microsoft PowerPoint as Screen recorder and Screenshot Utility

by Ravi Singh
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Record Screen and capture screenshots with Microsoft PowerPoint Software App in Windows and Mac

Microsoft Powerpoint is used to create beautiful and impressive presentations used mostly in organizations and institutions to showcase and share projects, ideas, and information through animated slideshows accompanied with media such as pictures, videos, audio, etc. It’s indeed a powerful and productive software that you can use to deliver your thoughts in a much interactive and presentable way. But did you know you can record the screen of your PC or macOS with Microsoft PowerPoint app? Not just record, the software also allows you to take screenshots on your PC and Mac which you can save or use in your slideshows.

Record Screen and capture screenshots with Microsoft PowerPoint Software App in Windows and Mac

Here’s how to record Screen with MS PowerPoint

The Microsoft PowerPoint not only lets you capture or record your computer’s desktop screen, but also allows you to do basic editing work on the recorded media such as trimming, add effects, crop, resize, position, and save media on the local machine at your desired location as an MP4 video or PNG image file. The MS Powerpoint screen recorder can also record audio and features a play/pause button to pause and resume recording as per your requirement.

Therefore, it seems that Powerpoint with Screen Recording features is the best tool for creating amazing tutorials and guides. In fact, the below video is completely shot and edited in Powerpoint.

Follow these steps to use MS PowerPoint as Screen Capture Tool

  1. Open MS PowerPoint app on your Windows or Mac
  2. Go to Insert and click on ‘Screenshot‘. Then click on the drop-down ‘Screen Clipping‘ option that appears (see screenshot)Capture screenshot with MS PowerPoint
  3. Then simply select the area you want to screenshot.

That’s it. The screenshot will be inserted into the current slid automatically. You can further edit the screenshot, crop, add effects, and much more.

Follow these steps to Take Screenshots using MS PowerPoint Software

  • In the PowerPoint software, go to ‘Ínsert‘ and click ‘Screen RecordingClick Screen Recording in Microsoft Office
  • You can choose to record audio and cursor effects also so that it becomes visible through animation when you click
  • Then select the area you wish to record. To re-select area, click ‘Select Area‘ optionSelect screen to begin Screen recording with MS PowerPoint
  • Simply click ‘Record‘ to start screen recording with MS Powerpoint app
  • You can pause and stop recording anytime you wish to. Also, you can turn ON/OFF audio and cursor recording while without pause or stopRecording started and you can turn off or on the Audio and Cursor
  • To stop recording, move the cursor to the top to see options or simply tap Windows+Shift+Q key 

The screencast video recorded with Microsoft PowerPoint software on Windows and Mac will automatically import the video into the current slid. You can further edit, crop, add effect, and trim video as per your needs.

SCreenshot and video taken with PowerPoint app added to MS PowerPoint slideshow

Looks cool, right? Go ahead, try it and let us know what you think about the PowerPoint Screen recording and screenshot capturing abilities.

NOTE: You can save the screenshot and video recording as JPG and MP4 file on your local disk. Just right-click on the Screenshot or Video recording in PowerPoint and choose ‘Save Media as’ or ‘Save as Picture’. Choose a location and save the file. You can use the files in any video editor or upload to YouTube and share on your social media accounts.

save video and screenshot taken with PowerPoint as MP4 or JPG File


Now that you know how to screencast with Microsoft PowerPoint app, go ahead, create videos and share your knowledge. Sharing is caring and the more you share, the more you gain.

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