How to Download and Install Windows 11 Offically?

How to Download and Install Windows 11 Offically?

by Ravi Singh
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Windows 11 Download and install

Windows 11 is not yet officially available for download but Microsoft has release a PC Health Check app for Windows that you can use to check if your system can run Windows 11 or not.

In this guide, I will show you how you can check if your system is ready for the next big free Windows 11 update or not. Also, how you can download, install and experience Windows 11 officially before it rolls out for the public.

Windows 11 Compatibility and System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

Processor1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
Memory4 GB RAM
Storage64 GB or larger storage device
System firmwareUEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPMTrusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics cardDirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x
Display>9” with HD Resolution (720p)
Internet connectionMicrosoft account and internet connectivity required for setup for Windows 11 Home

As per the system requirements, Windows 11 is compatible with Intel Coffee Lake i.e. 8th generation and later processors. So if you own a laptop or PC running on an Intel Kaby Lake processor i.e. 7th Gen intel CPU or earlier, unfortunately, your system isn’t compatible with Windows 11 and you won’t receive the Windows 11 update. Here’s a list of Intel and AMD processors supported by Windows 11.


  • Intel Coffee Lake (8th Gen)
  • Intel Coffee Lake Refresh (9th Gen)
  • Intel Comet Lake (10th Gen)
  • Intel Ice Lake (10th Gen)
  • Intel Rocket Lake (11th Gen)
  • Intel Tiger Lake (11th Gen)
  • Intel Xeon Skylake-SP
  • Intel Xeon Cascade Lake-SP
  • Intel Xeon Cooper Lake-SP
  • Intel Xeon Ice Lake-SP


  • AMD Ryzen 2000
  • AMD Ryzen 3000
  • AMD Ryzen 4000
  • AMD Ryzen 5000
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3000
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3000
  • AMD EPYC 2nd Gen
  • AMD EPYC 3rd Gen

Fore more details, see Windows 11 compatible 64-bit Intel and AMD Processors List.

Another requirement is Trusted Platform Module or TPM 2.0. Now modern laptops and PC have this setting available in the BIOS that you can enable or disable as per your needs. You may also check if TPM is enabled and available by pressing Windows+R, type TPM.msc and hit ‘Enter.’

Windows 11 BIOS Settings

This will show you if TPM 2.0 is enabled. If it shows no TPM found, you can restart your system and then enable the Intel Trusted Platform Module, save the settings and restart the system.

Check If your System is Ready For Windows 11 Update

For this, you need to download and install Microsoft’s PC health Check app, Just visit the Windows 11 page, scroll down to download and install the app.

download Windows 11 app

Then launch the PC Health Checkup app and Click Check Now button. This will show you if your system meets the Windows 11 system requirements or not.

Check Windows 11 compatibility

If you have enabled the TPM 2.0 and use a System powered by 8th gen or later Intel CPU, you will see this message.

PC run Windows 11 Compatible

If not, you will see why not, such as this.

system not ready for Windows 11

You may also use the WhyNotWin11.exe, an open-source app that tells you why exactly your PC can’t run Windows 11.

check windows 11 system requirement

It’s better than Microsoft’s PC Health Check app and helps you identify which part or component of the PC is not meeting the Windows 11 minimum system requirements. You can then try to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, if possible, to become eligible for the Windows 11 update.

Check why system is not compatible for Windows 11

Steps to Download and Install Windows 11 Officially

If your system is compatible, you need to wait for Windows 11 to roll out officially for the public, which is expected by this holiday season in December and Early 2022. Eligible systems will get this update automatically.

Don’t download any Windows 11 setup from internet and unofficial sources.

If you want to download, install, and try the Windows 11 OS build before the official public release, you can sign up for Windows insider program. For this,

  • In your PC, Open Settings>Update & Security and then click Windows Insider Program.
Windows Insider Program
  • Click Get Started.
  • Link your Microsoft account and then choose Dev Channel to get the latest Windows 11 builds releasing next week.
dev channel for Windows 11
  • You can then download, and install Windows 11 OS update.

But you should not install Windows 11 insider builds on your main machine as it’s going to be buggy and unstable for now. Thus, you may experience issues.

Do share your thought in the comments below about Windows 11 updates. Also, subscribe for more updates on Windows 11.

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