How to Unlock your Windows PC with Android Fingerprint Scanner

How to Unlock your Windows PC with Android Fingerprint Scanner

by Ravi Singh
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Unlock PC with Android Fingerprint Scanner

Today, i will show you How to Unlock Windows PC using the Fingerprint Scanner of your Android device. At this time, I can’t tell you much about how safe it is, but i can tell you it’s fun and you can always show off your skills to your friends.

Unlock PC with Android Fingerprint Scanner

How to use Fingerprint Scanner of Android to Login Windows PC

So let’s start with installing the Unified Remote server application, some of you might know about this tool. It’s about 35MB. Also, Install the Android app of Unified Remote on Your Android phone. Link is given in the description.

  • Now that we have installed Unified Remote server on our PC, it’s time to setup our Android device. So for that we need an app called Tasker.
  • To make it more easier, i have already exported the XML file for you guys. So, Open the Tasker app and then tap and hold on Tasks Tab for a sec or two then remove finger. Tap on import and then import the Fingerprint_unlock.xml file which contains settings.
  • You will see a new entry on Tasks tab called Fingerprint Unlock. Tap on It and the tap again on Unknown Plugin error. Tap Ok to install the AutoTools app from PlayStore. It’s free to download but to use it you have to purchase license. The trial is available for 30 days only.
  • Anyways, Allow app permissions, tap ok and then tap on Start Trial. Use your google play account. That’s it. Now go back to the Tasker app and tap on Fingerprint Unlock again. Now this time we need to make some very important changes to all tasks.
  • So first, Tap on ActionTools Text, the 2nd entry and then tap on edit pencil icon. Scroll down, tap on Encryption and under encrypt or decrypt, choose Decrypt, then tap on Password and change it. Just remember this password we will need this later on.
  • Next, Go back and make a small but very important change in the URLs. We need to add our Windows PC or Laptop name by replacing MMR at the end of URL. So, remove MMR and write your PC name. You can check PC name under system properties. Similarly replace MMR with PC name in other two URLs.
  • That’s it. Now go back to Tasks Tab and click on + button to add a new task. name it anything. For eg. Finger.
  • Next, inside finder Task, we need to add actions. So tap on + button and the select Variables, then tap on Variable set. In Name field, type EncryptedPassword and under To field, type %pass.
  • Go back. Tap on + button and this time click on Plugin. Tap on Auto Tools, scroll and select Text.
  • Now edit the AutoTools Text by tapping on pencil icon. Tap on Text and type %pass. Then look for encryption, inside encryption Tap on Encrypt or Decrypt and select Encrypt this time.
  • Now tap on password and enter the password that we choose while editing Finger Unlock Task i.e. 54328
  • Now go back and finally add one more action. Choose Variables and the Variable set. This time enter pass in NAME field and in TO field, enter the password of your Windows PC. If you use Pin like me to login to your PC. Enter the PIN here.
  • That’s it, now just move this to top and run the task by tapping on the Play Button.
  • If you see green dots on all three actions, this means task executed successfully.
  • Go back and delete the Finger task as we don’t need it anymore.
  • Now go to Fingerprint Unlock task and add an icon to our task so that we can create and add Tasker widget to home screen.
  • Select appropriate icon and exit the app. Now on home screen, add widget by selecting tasker, then tap on task and under task, choose Fingerprint Unlock. It will open fingerprint Unlock Actions tab. Just exit it. You will see the task icon on your Home screen.

That’s all we need to do in order to use our Android device as a Fingerprint scanner for our Windows PC. Watch the following video tutorial to understand the setup in easy way.


This can be done remotely, only thing you need is internet connection. So go ahead, set it up and enjoy. Make sure to subcribe and share this post and video. Leave your questions, suggestions and feedbacks in comment section.. I will be back with a new coolest video guide soon. Thanks for watching, have a great time.

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Mehmet June 1, 2017 - 7:17 pm

Great Post Ravi,
Going to try this to unlock my Windows laptop using my Android phone.


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