20 iPhone Tricks and Hacks without Jailbreak – iOS 11 and Above

20 iPhone Tricks and Hacks without Jailbreak – iOS 11 and Above

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20 iPhone 6, 7 and 7 Plus Tricks and Hacks without Jailbreak - iOS 10 and Above

Here are 20 excellent iPhone 6, 7 and 7 Plus keyboard tips, hidden shortcuts and fun iPhone tricks that you probably didn’t know about – including clever new features in iOS 10, but covering some tips for iOS 9 and earlier versions too.


1. Shoot & Edit Live Photos

You can shoot live photos in your iPhone running 10.2 and above. This feature allows you to take pictures while recording a 2 sec video after the picture is taken. To turn it on, a simple tap on the Dot icon visible at the top center of the camera screen. Now it will automatically start recording and will save a few seconds video after the shot. So just tap on Capture button or capture a picture, you will see LIVE text visible on the screen. Now access it via gallery or from camera app directly. It will be visible at simple picture or photo. To see it as live photo, just Tap and Hold on the Picture little hard on iPhone 7 and above for few seconds and it will start playing until you hold the tap.
You can also edit the Live pictures just like you edit any other picture on your iphone with inbuilt editor. You can add effects, filters and crop the live photos, preview it and save it to your gallery.

2. Switch Between Apps Quickly in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

You can always switch between apps by pressing the Home button twice in any iPhone device but with Pressure sensitive touch screen in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you don’t need to pressHome button to switch between apps, instead just Tap and Hold on the Left edge of iPhone 7 or 7Plus screen and you will be able to switch between apps quickly by just swiping. You need to press a little hard to make it work and if you press it more hardly, it will minimize current app and will show you all recent apps you opened. You can tap on any app to access it. And you can always use the home button to switch apps.

3. Using Bedtime Feature in iOS 10.2 and above

Bedtime feature helps you sleep better by reminding you to go to sleep and also wakes you up after a predefined amount of time has passes. You can set the hrs of sleep time you want. To use bedtime in your iPhone, Go to the clock app and look for Bedtime on the bottom bar, then choose how many hours of sleep you want to get every night or day if you are a nightcrawler and your iPhone will help you follow this new Quota.

4. Enable or Disable Haptic Feedback

To Enable or Disable Haptic feedbacks, just go to settings and Tap on Sound & Vibrations. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu screen and tap on System Haptics to switch it on or off. The system haptics gives you a response when you intereact with system like using 3D Touch feature, when you press and hold, it vibrates slowly, that’s Haptic feedback. If you disable it, it will not work.

5. Quickly Clear All Notifications

To clear Notifications in iOS devices, we need to swipe it right or left. But what if no. of app and system notications are more. You need to swipe the all left or right to clear or there’s another way you can follow to clear notifications quickly.
Just swipe down the notification bar and the tap and hold on the “X” button or icon just above the notifications on right side. You will see option to clear all notifications, just tap on it and all notifications from the notification bar will quickly disappear.

6. Using iPhone Keyboard as TrackPad

One problem with iOS is when you try to correct typos or edit text in messengers, it selects either the entire word or the cursor comes after or before the text when you try to correct it. This feels really annoying. But to overcome this problem, we can just tap and hold on the text, a magnifier appears which allows you to move curser and edit typos quickly. Works on 3D Touch feature, you can also use pressure variations to select and deselct text and edit it.

7. Using Control Center Shortcuts

Just swipe up from the bottom of screen to access the Control Center Shortcuts. You can use these shortcusts to quicky toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, apps like calci etc. But with 3D touch feature, you can do lot more. Just tap and Hold on any shortcut to access options related to the apps for eg. When you touch and hold flashlight shortcut, it allows you to control the flashlight brighness, saving you battery power. SImilarly, touch and hold Timer shortcut to quickly set timer between 1 minute to 1 hrs. Similarly, you can access many more options when you use 3D Touch on any shortcut available in the shortcut panel. You can also use this 3D Touch to access any app shortcuts directly from the app drawer.

8. Adjust Home Button

Go to Settings and Under Genral Settings, you will find an option that says Home Button. Just tap on it and then you can set the haptic duration and strenth of home button feedback. In New iPhone 7, the Home button is not clickable instead works on pressure. It vibrates just below home button to give you a feel of click. SO in this setting, you actually Choose your Click from available 3 clicks. Then hit on Done. That’s it.

9. Force Restart iPhone

Previously, we need to press and hold power + Home button to force restart iPhone but now, it has changed with the iOS 10 update. Now instead of Home button press and hold volume down+Power button for few seconds and it will force restart you iPhone quickly.

10. Using Optical Zoom

The iphone camera is one of it’s strongest specs and it sets a benchmark in camera for all other smartphones. The iPhone 7 Plus comes with dual camera lenses and this enable you to quickly zoom on any object without loosing the quality and details in the picture. To use it, just open camera app and tap on 1x to zoom 2 times and tap again to zoom out. In beta release, the iPhone 7 Plus camera app is updated and soon you will be able to take pictures with a nice bookeh effects just like in DSLRs.

11. Lock in Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus

You can lock Camera Lens to take picture on iPhone 7 Plus so it doesn’t switch between the two lenses while recording videos. This ensures a better quality videos.

12. Use iPhone as a Magnifier

To use iPhone as a magnifier, you need to access the Magnifier Options under General Settings, accessibility. Just turn on the Magnifier option to enable it. Now just click three times on Home Button to quickly access the Magnifier. Now you can use your iPhone camera lense to magnify things and opjects around you. Use the Slider to change magnification, you can use flashlight also and apply filters.

13. Raise To Wake

This feature is only available on iphone 6S 6S plus, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This feature allows for intuitive and no frills device wake up when you pick you device up. Simply raise your iPhone up and the display should light light up showing you lock screen with pending noticfications. To enable it, Go To Display and Brightness under settings and then Toggle Raise To Wake option to on position. From now on, whenever you pick your iPhone and raise it, the display will automatically light up. So no need to press power button again and again to turn on display.

14. Enable Color Filters

Color Filter provides options to adjust colors and it’s useful for the people not able to distinguish between colors correctly or people with color blindness. Inside Accessbility settings, tap on Color management and then go to Color Filters. Turning it on will list some more options like Greyscale, and other color filters like Red/Green, Blue/Yellow Filter etc. SO you can set the filters according to your preferences.

15. Add or Remove Widgets on Today SCreen

Access today screen by swiping left from the Homescreen. You will see default widgets present on the screen. If you want to customize and select particular app widget to display on Today SCreen, just scroll down to bottom and tap on Edit button.
Press Red Minus button to remove a widget present on Today screen and Green Plus Icon to add a widget on today screen. Once you have added or removed widgets, tap on Done. That’s it. Now you have a customized Today screen with your favorite Widgets.

16. Change Video Resolution

You can shoot upto 4K video using iPhone Camera. But it takes a lot of space. So, it’s not recommended to shoot in 4K unneccessarily specially when you have a 16 or 32GB iPhone 6 or 7. You can change the resolution of videos, just go to settings and scroll down to find Photos and Camera. Tap on it and under that you will see Record Video option, just tap on it and select the video resolution bewteen 720P to 4K. You can also choose slo-motion video resolution. I recommend keeping it to 720p for a good quality slo-mo video.

17. Rest Finger to Unlock the iPhone

This works on any iphone running on iOS 10 and above. To enable, go to settings, Under General tap on accessibility, SCroll down and tap on Home Button. Under Home button, you will find an option that says Rest finger to Open. Just toggle it on and from now onwards, you can open your iPhone with touch iD without pressing the home button. Just test it out.

18. Enable One Hand Use or Access

On bigger iPhone Display, it’s hard to access every app with single hand. You need to use both hands to use the bigger iPhones. But Apple has added a feature to iOS that enables one or single Hand usage. Works on iPhone 5S and above with Touch ID. Just touch the Home buttom two times quickly and the App drawer slide down a little and apps becomes accessible with single hand.

19. Preview Pictures while Camera is On

You can now directly access and preview pictures without closing the camera app. When you take or shot a picture, just tap and hold on the Picture thumbnail. This will quickly preview the image with older images present in the Camera roll. You can slide left and right to switch picture and preview each one while camera is still on.

20. Shoot Picture in RAW format

Apple has made something that many fans who loves Mobile Photography have been waiting for. With iPhone 7and 7 Plus, you can now snap pictures in RAW format. The RAW enables you to develop picture using a photo editing tool on iPhone or PC like Photoshop or lightroom etc. Its just like developing a photograph using a negative in lab and quality depends on the quality of paper and other stuff used for developing images in older times. Here negar=tive is RAW format and quality can be imorived depending which app you are using.
This is nit possible in older Phone, but you can use a third party app to shoot pictures in RAW format.

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