5 Reasons Why You should Upgrade Your Old Wi-Fi Router Right Now

5 Reasons Why You should Upgrade Your Old Wi-Fi Router Right Now

by Ravi Singh
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There many reasons to why you should upgrade your old routers with a newer one right now and some of these reasons include user interface, congestion control, data security, wifi range, personal quality of service, signal interference and much more. Replacing your old wifi router could be the secret to unlock much faster wi-fi.


5 Reasons to upgrade your wifi router right now

5 Reasons to upgrade your wifi router right now

Benefits to switch over to the newer routers:

Better Range:

Gone are those days when we had to always walk and sit beside the Wi-Fi router to make the most out of it. The newer routers have better coverage and better access throughout the entire house and across the walls.

The ASUS RT-AC87U is a $249 device which throws 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signals through four antennae which is good enough to cover 5,000 square feet area. The 5GHz stream is buttressed by an internal 1.0Ghz dual-core processor that can pump up the output an additional 50%. It’s also able to tell good data from bad. It comes with security features like malware-blocking features, infected device detection, and keyword and URL filters to keep naughty sites off the kids’ computer.

Decrease Congestion and Interference:

Any newer router that supports the newer IEEE 802.11 standards will be, by default, at least, a dual-band router. While older standards were 802.11b and 802.11g with 2.4 GHz band, newer standards routers support 802.11ac with 5 GHz band, that means they can accommodate more bands.


The security is most important thing while changing your WLAN router as it’s becoming a bigger issue these days because hackers find vulnerabilities in the older routers and it becomes easier for them to hack into the older router and get access and control to your personal data.

User-friendly Interfaces:

Old routers had admin interfaces which were hard to discern and understand. The newer routers come with very user-friendly interfaces which are so easy to use. Sometimes, you just have to plug ‘n’ play and the router starts working automatically. There are no extra settings that you have to do or need to learn.

Quality of service:

Older routers treated all the connected devices as equal but with modern routers, one can easily setup the QoS. With the quality of service rule, you can get the network bandwidth preference, you can allow time limit on certain devices, enable guest networks for visitors and define bed time hours.

Follow the above rules to be safe and have a good range Wi-Fi at home.

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