7 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks You Should Know (2018)

In this post, I will show you the 7 new cool WhatsApp tricks, secret features, hidden features, and hacks that every User should know.

1. Send Pictures Without Compression

Usually, when you share or send a photo or a picture to someone, Whatsapp compresses it to save data. This degrades the picture quality significantly. But you can send High definition pictures as it is without compression via Whatsapp. To do so, Tap on Attachment icon, select Documents instead of Camera or Photos and then browse the picture which you want to send. Select it and send. It will be uploaded and sent as a document file and when you tap to open it, it will open in your image browser and quality of the picture will be the same.

2. Read Messages without Sending Read Receipts

To read messages without sending the blue tick to the sender, you can add the Whatsapp widget on Your Homescreen and then whenever a message comes, just scroll it and read it. This way sender will receive delivery ticks but not read receipt.

3. Schedule WhatsApp Messages

To use this feature, we need to use this third party app called Sqedit. This app helps you to schedule messages on Whatsapp and it sends message automatically. So next time if you have to wish someone on his or her B’day, just Schedule a beautiful Birthday wish and relax. This app will do will do rest of the work..

4. Create GIFs Directly in WhatsApp

GIFs are better than short video clips and can also be used instead of Emoji. GIFs also became very popular in recent times and now you can also create your own GIFs on Whatsapp and send to anyone.

To do so, you can either capture a clip of your or select a video from the gallery and then adjust the length of the video to either 6 or less than 6 Seconds. Then tap on GIF tab just below the clip. You may also add text, apply color, or insert emoji in the clip. Once done, hit the Send button and this will send the GIF you created from the video clip. Interesting, right?

5. Use a Fake Number for WhatsApp

If you don’t want to share your WhatsApp number with everyone, You can use a fake number to register on Whatsapp and then use the Whatsapp with that fake number. Share it with people you don’t know well or if you don’t want to share for any reason.

To do so, you need the Primo app which is free to install from Play Store. Open the app and register with your Phone number and Email ID, You must verify both details and after that, you can tap on Activate button and start your trial. You will get a Number which you can use to register on Whatsapp. You will receive a text message from Whatsapp and verify your number to create a new Whatsapp account.

You can now share this number with anyone without getting worried about your privacy.

6. Get Chat Heads for WhatsApp

This is similar to Facebook chat heads. While browsing the web or watching videos on phone or if you are reading articles, you may receive messages from someone and want to reply. For that, you need to tap on notification and then reply and then again go back to what you doing. To avoid this, you may use this app called NotiFly. It’s a free app. Make sure to grant permissions and then activate Whatsapp. You can go to settings to further customize the color theme and other notification settings.

Once done, exit the app. And from now when you receive a Whatsapp message, you will see this nice Whatsapp chat head and you can reply to the person directly while doing what you were doing without exiting the current app.

7. Send Message without Adding Contact

This is something which I think most people will find helpful. This trick will let you send a message to a person whose contact number is not saved in your contact list. So let’s say you have to send a message to someone whose number is not in your list, you can install this app called Click2Chat and open it. Then paste the Number to whom you want to send WhatsApp message. Then Write your Message and tap on Send Now or send later. Send later will let you schedule the message. However, send now will instantly open up the Whatsapp message with message typed in the box. Now all you have to do is tap on Send icon to send the message to a number which is not safe in your contact list.

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