WhatsApp Secret Tricks And Tips 2015

Best Whatsapp Secret Tricks of 2015 

We all are aware about Whatsapp but today via this post i’m going to show you few exciting facts and Tricks about WhatsApp that you don’t know. Recently, people started discovering new tweaks to use Whatsapp and many whatsapp tips and tricks coming on the internet. And there has been a rise in searches of cool whatsapp tricks 2015. We did our best and wrote this article on the best WhatsApp tips and tricks, so lets start.

Using WhatsApp without Any Mobile Number

Did you know that you can use whatsapp without number also? But that’s not true at all. Here that means not with your own number. Here is a How to guide through which you can activate whatsapp with a number which is not your own i.e Fake WhatsApp Number. READ MORE…..

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Sharing PDF, EXE, RAR, APK, RAR and Big Files via WhatsApp :

This given WhatsApp tricks 2015 will help you to share zip, pdf, exe, apk, rar and big files from your whatsapp. As we all know WhatsApp came with the limitation that you can only send audio, video and images with it. But here is an exclusive Tip from Techposts.org by using this Whatsapp Trick you will be able to send or share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and even big files with your friends on whatsapp. READ MORE….

Whatsapp Trick of Sharing PDF, EXE, RAR, APK, RAR and Big Files

Whatsapp Trick of Sharing PDF, EXE, RAR, APK, RAR and Big Files

How to recover Lost or Deleted Messages

With this WhatsApp tricksyou can easily recover deleted messages from WhatsApp. Sometimes you might lost messages when you install and uninstall whatsapp or delete messages accidentally or Due to some malfunction, but now you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We are sharing this Whatsapp trick with these you can recover your lost messages.READ MORE….

Restoring deleted Whatsapp messages Trick 2K15

Restoring deleted Whatsapp messages Trick 2K15

WhatsApp Trick to Create Fake WhatsApp Chat / Conversation

You can create fake whatsapp chat with any friend or even with celebrities and show your friends to amaze them. This way you can make fool of them by making fake whatsapp chat with a big star like Tom Cruise, Mark Zuckerburg or anyone.

Creating fake Whatsapp Messages with Celebrities and Friends

Creating fake Whatsapp Messages with Celebrities and Friends

For that all you need to do is to install this application called WhatSaid – Download WhatSaid App for Android

To create fake whatsapp conversation with anyone, simply insert their pictures, name and then create your own messages (Fake messages)

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Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts in a Single Phone

Yes it is now possible to run two whatsapp account in a single Android smartphone. This is a trick explained at techposts using two different ways –

  1. Using two whatsapp accounts in same device (OGWhatsapp trick)and
  2. Running three different Whatsapp accounts in single smartphone (Whatsfapp trick) (Android only).

Read More about this trick here –

  1. Run Two Whatsapp Account in Single device
  2. Install Multiple WhatsApp account in One Phone
Two Whatsapp Accounts in one ANdroid Phone or Tablet

Two Whatsapp Accounts in one ANdroid Phone or Tablet

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