How to Free Up Space on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (NO Jailbreak) on iOS 10 – 9

How to Free Up Space on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (NO Jailbreak) on iOS 10 – 9

by Ravi Singh
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If your iOS device is short of memory, you can free up lot of space by cleaning the junk files which are usually App cache and temporary data like in PCs. We use Ccleaner or similar software to clean junk in PC and Clean Master is a very effective and most downloaded junk file cleaner. Today in this post i will discuss how you can clean or free up space on any iOS device i.e iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without Jailbreak and without using a computer. This works for all iOS version whether it;s iOS 9 or iOS 10, you are covered.

Increase Internal Memory of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Like Clean Master we have an app for iOS devices also and it’s called Battery Doctor – Master of Battery MaintenanceYou can download and install it from App Store, it’s completely free and effective. Battery Doctor not only saves your battery, it also shows you real-time power consumption rankings and protects your battery effectively. It support iOS7 and IPhone5s/5c 4.0 inches screen display.

I know it’s an app that protects your battery and maintains it. But wait, the junk cleaning feature is hidden (secret) and we know how to access that and that’s what we are going to show you via this post.

But How to use Battery Doctor as Junk Cleaner

To use Battery Doctor as Junk Cleaner as you need to have Battery Doctor app installed on your iOS device and then follow these steps,

  1. Open the Battery Doctor app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  2. Now, grant permissions when prompted by app and press OK to agree to User License Agreement.
  3. You will see that at bottom  you have only four options, Status, Charge, Medal, More and Reminder. There’s no option or feature available for Junk file cleaning.No option for Junk File clean in Battery Doctor iOS
  4. To access or enable the Junk file cleaning feature in Battery Doctor app, just wait for like 15-30 seconds on app screen and then double tap on the screen right below “Remaining time”. Then wait for like 10 seconds and then exit the app.
  5. Now open the app again and if the Junk option doesn’t come up, just exit the app again and open it again. Do this for 2-3 time or more until you see the Junk option with the following screen. “Medal” will be replaced by “Memory” option.
  6. Once you see the Junk option, you are good to go and now you can use Battery Doctor app for both Battery saving and cleaning or free up memory space in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

These secret hidden features cannot be accessed by any other way. Now you can boost your RAM/memory whenever you are low on memory, clean Junk files, optimize apps and much more use an app that earlier was just a Battery Saver app. All you have to do is, just double tap and go in and out.

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