How to Create Your Own VPN Server Free for PC, Android, or iPhone

How to Create Your Own VPN Server Free for PC, Android, or iPhone

by Ravi Singh
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VPN or Virtual Private Network is not new, once in a while you might have come across this term and even used it. There are many reasons someone might be looking to use a virtual private network. Torrenting has become a popular way to transfer large files from user to user but the downside of torrenting is the government. The Government in many countries is cracking down on P2P file sharing sites like no other in hopes to stop piracy.

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Today I will be talking about how you can create your own, personal VPN and share it with your friends, relatives or anyone you want. This can help you on your journey to torrenting safely whether it’s for work or personal use. This VPN also helps you to keep your safeguard your privacy and security. With a VPN you can even watch shows, movies from sites or apps that are either banned in your country or not available.

You don’t need to be a programmer or developer to create a VPN. I have added a video tutorial with this detailed instructional post. So anyone can easily understand and use their own created VPN in just few minutes.

Creating Own VPN Server

  1. Create a Cloud Server

Very first thing is that you need to create a free account at Digital Ocean. You will get around $10 Credits (if you follow this link) free which you can use to setup your server. Furthermore, Digital Ocean offers flexible plans and they charge per hour. So if you do not want to use a droplet for any reason, just destroy it and you will be billed for the duration you used it. You can try other free cloud servers from Upcloud for 30days.

Once signed up, Click on Create Droplet button. On next page,

  1. Choose “Ubuntu 16.04” as image
  2. Select $5/month or $0.007/hour plan or size of server.
  3. Leave Add Volume
  4. Then Choose a “Data center Region”. You can choose anyone from listed 8 different locations.
  5. Next, Choose a hostname and give your Droplets an identifying name that you will remember. Finally hit on create button.

Your Cloud server will be ready within few seconds and you can see it under Droplets menu. You will also recieve a seperate mail containing Server credentials on your registered email id. You will get Droplet Name, IP Address of droplet, Username and Password.

2. Setting up Cloud Server

Once you have the IP, Username and Password of your cloud server, you are good to go. Now all we have to do is create personal VPN using Digital Ocean Cloud server. To do this we will use an “SSH” client. I use Window 10, so i will use Puttyit’s a free SSH and telnet client for Windows. If you use Windows, you can use Command line terminal or install an SSH client for Mac OS like iTerm2.

  • Now login to your cloud server and let’s set it up. Open Putty and then add IP address of your cloud server in the box.
  • Next, click on connect. You can also save these settings in Putty for future use and faster connection with your cloud server.
  • Now enter username, which is “root” by default. Then enter the Password you received on email and hit enter. You will be asked to change passsword. You can change it but use password that you can remember.

TIP: To copy paste password or commands in Putty, use Right mouse click.

3. Creating VPN on Cloud Server

Once you have changed the password, it’s time to check for any update. To check, enter following command and hit enter.

apt-get update

Next, upgrade your server if update is available. Enter following command to upgrade.

apt-get upgrade -y

Your server will upgrade soon in few seconds. Once upgrade is finished. Enter the following command line in Putty (SSH terminal).

wget -O && bash

This will take some time and will install the OpenVPN, This script will let you setup your own VPN server in no more than a minute.

Once it’s finished, it will display IP address of server, simply hit enter.

  • Will ask for Port 1194 just accept it by hitting Enter
  • Choose UDP or TCP by entering 1 or 2.
  • Then you can enetr Client name. It could be anything, your name, business name, friends name etc.

That’s it. A .opvn file will be created on your server and you need to download it. You can easily download it if your are on a Mac using command line. If you are on Windows, download Filezilla client for your System. You can download Rbrowser for Mac.

  • Open Filezilla or Rbrowser, enter IP address of cloud server, Username and Password. Enter 22 in port and click on connect.
  • Once connected to your server, just scroll down and look for a file with client name you given in above step. It will be ending with .opvn.
  • Just download that .opvn file and save it on your PC, Android phone, Mac or iPhone. We will need this to connect with our VPN server that we just created.

4. Installing VPN Client for Different Plateforms or OS

Now all you have to do is download OpenVPN client app for your device. You can use both free or paid ones, i will recommend using freely available clients.

Once you have downloaded the client, just install it and run on any of your device. Import .opvn file which we downloaded using Filezilla or Rbrowser. Hit on connect and you will be connected to your own created VPN server in no time.


You can check your IP location and it will be the location of your server you selected at the time when we created cloud server on Digital Ocean. Now you can check internet speed or connection speeds and download Torrents or browse website that are blocked in your country. Watch movies, shows and do much more with VPN securely. You can also check out our previous posts on Best FREE VPN Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (NO JAILBREAK). Also checout, Top Four VPNs for Online Gamers.

I hope you have gained much knowledge about VPN and how you can create your own VPN server in just 10 minutes. So please share this post with your friends, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for quick updates.

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