How to Install Dynamic Island in Windows PC?

How to Install Dynamic Island in Windows PC?

by Amit Singh
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How to Install Dynamic Island in Windows PC

The tech giant Apple has unveiled its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max version with plenty of new features. But the most noticeable among them that catches the attention of every eyeball is its notch-shaped cutout on display around the screen giving it the name Dynamic Island.

This attractive feature replaces the notch of the iPhone instantly turned into a fan obsession for its creative use of space and interactivity. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a penny to get these latest features, as you can experience them on your Windows as well.

So if you are a Windows geek, stay with us to get a step-by-step guide on how to install and enjoy dynamic islands on your PC.

What is Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island is the black-shaped notch cutout on the iPhone 14 screen which includes the front-facing camera and sensors required to run Face ID.

After installing Dynamic Island on your PC, it will look like the same extended notch cutout. But the functions you get to access different Windows features under a single notch make it worth installing.


You can also interact with your system from controlling the music player to getting memory details. From shutting down to restarting your computer you’ll do many things in a snap with Dynamic Island.

But how can I install it on my Windows? Let’s check it out in the next section.

How to Get Dynamic Island on Windows PC

To experience Dynamic Island on your PC you need to install XWidget Software and the DeviantArt theme. XWidget Software is a light desktop widget customization engine with great animations. It has a built-in visual widget editor which includes weather, launcher, music player, etc.

  • Open any browser and visit the XWidget website.
  • Download the XWidget file given on the screen. Or scroll down and click the Download button to get it on your desktop.
XWidget website
  • Now, create a new folder with the name ‘XWidget’ and paste the downloaded Zip file into the folder.
create a new folder with the name XWidget

Note: While extracting you might get an error message from Windows Security. As the default, Windows Antivirus identifies this file as malware which may delete it automatically from the system. To prevent it from deletion, you need to add a folder exclusion in the Windows Security app. Follow the below steps

  • Click on the Windows key and open the Windows Security app.
  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen.
Windows Security Setting Option
  • Select the Manage Notifications options given under the Notification tab.
Manage Notifications options
  • Click the Virus & Threat Protection Settings on the next page.
Virus & Threat Protection Settings
  • Go to the Controlled Folder Access section and click on the Manage Controlled Folder Access option.
  • Now, click the ‘Add an Exclusion’ button. This will exclude a specific folder from scanning malware.
Add an Exclusion button
  • Add your XWidget folder created earlier in the list.
XWidget folder
  • Now, extract the zip file in its folder to start the installation process.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen and click the Next Button to install the software on your PC.
install the software

Note: If you are facing a Windows SmartScreen error while installing, click on the More Details -> Run Anyway link and run it.

Windows SmartScreen

The XWidget will begin on the Windows app with several widgets appearing on the home screen. Simply right-click on each widget and click the Close button to remove it.

  • Add the Dynamic Island Theme to XWidget, from the DeviantArt.
Add the Dynamic Island Theme
  • Double-click the desktop_dynamic_island file to apply and launch the theme.

Dynamic Island Features on Windows PC

Similar to Dynamic Island of iPhone you will experience the same essential and fun features on your Windows. When you click the icon on your screen it will open up into a rectangular bubble showing some elements.

Right-click on the dynamic island pill and you’ll see options to view the calendar, weather, music player, battery, and memory details and restart your system with a single click. Let’s explore each of these features

Access Date, Time, and Calendar

Right-click the Dynamic Pill on your screen and choose the Date & time. Repeat the step by clicking the pill, it will expand the Date & time. Once it is assigned, you can click on the notch cutout to view the calendar. Click on the calendar icon again to close it on your screen.

Access Date, Time, and Calendar dynamic island

Get the Weather Updates

Besides the calendar, you can also view the current weather details in it. Right-click on Dynamic Island and select weather. Click the weather icon again to expand it and view the current as well as the next five days’ weather.

weather icon dynamic island

Display Memory Details

If you are running a program and want to know how much memory is consumed, you will get it right on your screen. Simply Right click on the Dynamic Island pill and select Memory in the menu. It will display the memory details on the computer.

Battery Charging Status and Percentage

Select the Battery option in the menu to view your Battery percentage. It also shows whether your PC is connected and charging, or vice versa.

Get Access Music Player

Why open Music Player separately when you can access it directly through your home screen? Right-click and choose Music Player from the menu and click the notch to expand it. Now you can control the music player from the home screen.

Restart or Shutdown Your Windows PC

Click the Dynamic Island pill and choose the Shutdown button in the menu. You can also restart your computer through the toggle button in the menu.

How to Display Picture on Dynamic Island

Do you know you can also set your picture and computer name on the Dynamic Island pill? You can personalize this picture with any random image based on your style or PC, through the following steps.

  • Open File Explorer on your Windows.
  • Click the Documents button to open it.
  • Click the XWidget folder and open the Widget folder within it.
Widget folder
  • Open the Desktop Dynamic Island folder on the next page. Search for the .png image as this is the same image displayed on your computer name. Remove the default face image.
  • Choose any image you want to display next to your computer’s name on the dynamic cutout.
  • Change the image name to face and add it to the desktop dynamic island folder.
  • Now open the System Tray from your taskbar. Click the XWidget icon and click the Exit button to close it.
  • Double-click the XWidget shortcut. Dynamic Island will pop up on your screen with the selected picture.


We hope that our blog on how to install and enjoy dynamic islands on Windows PC will help resolve all your problems. As Apple says “blurs the line between hardware and software” and adds this feature to your Windows. So get the dynamic island using the above-mentioned steps and get your windows a new look.

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