How to Guide : Running iOS Apps on PC (Apps and Games)


Running iOS Apps on PC (How to Guide) :

iPadian is software for windows, light and easy to install at any version of Windows XP/7/8.  Which enables and makes you feel like you are Running iOS Apps on PC. You can also install and Run few compatible apps and games and Experience iPad Air UI using your PC.
running ios apps on pc
iPadian is Software which allows you to customize your desktop with iOS 7 look & run iOS Apps on your Windows PC. Please note that the iPadian is not a emulator,  It’s the first iPad air simulator for PC. The main utility of iPadian is to run iOS apps on your Windows computer.  iPadian developers created a custom App store Where They Put all the compatibles apps  to run inside iPadian.

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  1. help its a virus

    1. It’s actually not a virus but yes, antivirus programs detect it as virus or Malware. But it’s safe!!

      1. harold says: Reply

        hi, can u jailbreak this? thanks

        1. No it can’t be bro!! It’s a Simulator not dedicated iOS.

  2. help! says: Reply

    hey man! i cant get the settings button at all and i cant play clash of clans too!

    1. Why don’t you use Android for playing clash of clans. See this tutorial to understand and learn how you can install Android OS and play games in your PC without deleting Windows (Dual Boot)

    1. No, you can’t. It’s not possible, you can only install and run apps and games available in inbuilt App store.

  3. Kozlov says: Reply

    hey, it not is a complete,,, 14 dolars for that shit, fuck you my friend… fuck you.

    1. Checknmater says: Reply

      Same to you boy!!

  4. wyatt says: Reply

    I want to ask a question before I install it can I reboot it back in to windows? because if not I will use it on my old computer in my basment.

    1. wyatt says: Reply

      sorry i meant to post this on the android one my bad

  5. Jhankrit Sharma says: Reply

    what is ipadian 2 ?
    Is it made by you?

  6. fck me says: Reply

    u can’t download it takes AGES to download any game i tried to download clash royale it dosent work

  7. Deepanshu says: Reply

    its showing err for downloading app help me……..

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