6 Best Headphones and Earphones under Rs 5,000

6 Best Headphones and Earphones under Rs 5,000

by Ravi Singh
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If you are looking for a headphone or earphone but don’t have much to spend then you don’t need to baffle. No matter what your preferences are, good news is that there are many great headphones available in the market under Rs.5K. You can listen to your favorite music with amazing sound quality without spending too much. Below we have listed few selected headphones that you can buy. We have not listed these products on the basis of comfort, gaming and other parameters, instead based on our experience. The best thing is that these headphones or earphones at a price of Rs 5,000.

Best headphones under Rs.5000

Best headphones under Rs.5000

Finest Headphones – According to comfort 

Beyerdynamic DTX 910 Stereo Headphones – Rs 3,500

910 Beyrdaynmic Ditiaks  has been designed to fit perfectly together on your ears with soft padding. It is something which allows users to get more open and detailed sound with. Plastic build, its weight is significantly less. The problem is in the long-term use. The headset response is pretty good, the bass performance is excellent and it is gratifying. Because of the open-backed design, Ditiaks 910 is more suitable to be used at home because when you listen to the music not so loud then also sound comes out which may annoy your peer.

At Rs.1,498 Audio Technica Attiac AX 1 IS is also a nice deal.

Senheiser PMX95 Headphone

Senheiser PMX95 Headphone

Great Looks with Senhaijhr PMX 95 – Rs 4939

Senhaijhr Pimaks 95, according to the design this headphone is a wonderful device. The credit goes to coated mesh fabric and sparkling finish. To give a more modern look, company has used Nekband in place of a headband. There is a slot provided which allows headphone to sit on the ears and fit perfectly. However, it is not as tight and secure as you would expect.

Similar product – At Rs.2,299 you can consider AKG K430 headphone.

ALFA GENUS V2 - Rock Jaw - With customization options

ALFA GENUS V2 – Rock Jaw – With customization options

 According to the Customization

ALFA GENUS V2 – Rock Jaw– Rs 4,999

The Alpha genius of rock jaw V2 in-ear earphone is not a common product.This headset comes with an interchangeable tuning filter system which gives you the option to customize the sound. You can also tune the Bass and treble according to your choice. Also you can decide, or may choose to flat signature. The built quality is also excellent and it is provided direct from the UK.

Consider Brenvebgh S 0 – for about Rs 2,399.

Jabra move headphone - wireless

Jabra move headphone – wireless


Jabra move – Rs 4592

Jabra move, is one of the cheapest wireless on-ear headphone. This product has been designed keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of the user. The design is fantastic and the weight is not too much. However, it is weak in terms of sound isolation, sound quality and battery life. The product comes from a brand that has many years of experience in wireless audio.

At Rs 4,990 you can also consider Sony MDR-AS-600 BT 

Steelseries Siberia V/1 headphone for gaming

Steelseries Siberia V/1 headphone for gaming

For Gaming

Steelseries Siberia V/1 – Rs 2,699

Steelseries brand is well known for developing products for gaming. In the world of gaming audio, Siberia V1 Headset is the perfect beginning. The 2.8 meter cable, the best vantage microphone and comes with excellent design. Sadly, it can not be excluded that the microphone you. You can just fold. It is for those who are fond of gaming.

At Rs.4,975 Krekn razor is also a good deal.

Audio Technica ATH-M30X for Pure Audio listening

Audio Technica ATH-M30X for Pure Audio listening

For pure audio

Audio Technica ATH-M30X – Rs 4279

M30X, Audio Technica’s popular M series is a great on-ear headset. It comes with neutral Sonic signature aimed to output the best in each genre. It comes with a 3 meter cable is the very same reason it is convenient to use at home and studio.

At Rs 2,089 Soundmajik E 10 S you can consider about.


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