Block Ads, Trackers and Spam Sites on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

In my previous guide, I showed you how to block ads on your Android smartphones system-wide. That guide is easier and helps you block ads and trackers in your Android with just a few taps. The app we sed is free and open-source. It’s a free and best ad blocker for Android phones and tablets. Download the F-Droid.

You can watch the video guide below if you missed it earlier.

However, today in this video, I will share a pro guide to block ads, trackers, and spam/malicious sites from your entire Home Wi-Fi or LAN network. SO that you don’t need to configure each device to manage ad and tracker blocking. This will not only make your wi-fi or LAN network safer and improve privacy but also make your internet connection much faster as ads and trackers eat up a lot of resources and data. So, the pages or websites you will browse will load much faster.

This takes half an hour to configure and then you can use it. To build one by yourself, follow this guide to block ads, trackers and spam sites from your network.

Things You’ll Need

Once you build his ad blocker DNS server, any device that will be connected to your router from now on, whether iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Windows PC, Mac computer, etc, not a single advertisement will be displayed. You will be able to browse all websites without worrying about those popup and pop-under ads loading malicious and p*rn sites.

In case of any question, query or help, leave a comment down below. I will be more than happy to help.

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