Test Your Apps – New AWS Device farm launched by Amazon

Test Your Apps – New AWS Device farm launched by Amazon

by Ravi Singh
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Now Test Your Apps on Real Devices, The New AWS Device farm launched by Amazon

A good news for all the hardworking and painstaking app developers and the programmers. Amazon is soon starting a cloud based service namely AWS Device Farm. This will help them in testing their application in real devices like cell phones and tablets. As of now, iOS app testing isn’t available and will be available only for Android and Fire OS applications.


As to what Amazon claims, this device will help in testing the applications directly on phones and tablets. Developers just need to upload their applications on cloud on are free to test them on the wide range of the commonly used devices in order to have a better insight.  The developers will receive a report regarding the bugs identified on a timely basis, for better performance of the application.
Using this application takes into account your CPU usage, device memory, location and other modifications by the manufacturers. It gives you the ability to make use of gestures and interruptions like calling for a more severe testing.

Cost Incurred?

Well there is no cost incurred in the beginning. It is a free of cost start. But as soon as you use it more, you will have to pay. Either you could make a direct payment of $250 for a month or you could simply enjoy the free 250 device minutes and then pay $ 0.17 per minute for a device.

You can even write down your custom tests, hence having more control. Use CALABASH or APPIUM if you want to script your tests.

AWS-DF Amazon App Tester

  • Also Just after Google came up with its Cloud test lab I/O 2015 (a few weeks ago) Amazon brings in its AWS Device farm which can be used along with the other pre-existing Amazon Service.

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