ResQtech 1700-Watt 135 Bar- Best Pressure Washer for Cars and AC in India

resqtech 1700 watt pressure washer review

Today, I am going to unbox and review the best Pressure Washer for Cars in India. This pressure washer from an Indian brand is made for India. So let’s unbox it and let me explain why I chose this pressure washer over Bosch, Karcher, American Micronic, and other brands.

ResQtech 1700-Watt 135 Bar Pressure Washer for Car, AC, and Patio
ResQtech 1700-Watt 135 Bar Pressure Washer for Car, AC, and Patio

ResQtech 135 Bar 1700 Watt- Best Pressure Washer in India Review

ResQtech 1700-Watt 135 Bar Car and AC Pressure Washer
  • Pressure
  • Power
  • Build Quality


The product is highly recommended if you are looking for a pressure washer. It’s the most powerful and affordable pressure washer available in the Indian market.

The ResQtech gives you complete peace of mind with its 2-years warranty and accessories such as inlet pipe, soap dispenser, and 90-degree nozzle worth INR 3000 free.

Most importantly, it’s made in India by an Indian brand. So support the brand coz they deserve and need it by buying the product and spreading the words. Share this review with your friends and family and help them save money, time, and water on car washing.

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Before buying the ResQtech 1700-Watt 135 Bar pressure washer, I did extensive research on pressure washers before zeroing down this one. It took me a while to check and compare all the options available in India and abroad. Finally, I shortlisted Bosch 120, Karcher, and ResQtech 1700 Watt 135 bar pressure washers. While the first two were less power hungry, around 1400-1500 Watt, ResQtech needs 1700Watt power to run. But then it also throws waterjet at 135 bar compared to 100-120 bar which is indeed impressive and helps in removing pesky dirt marks from your car, floor, and AC unit.
I talked to Ranjith from ResQtech as well who takes care of customers via WhatsApp. If you need any help or have a query before purchasing, I would highly suggest you get in touch with Ranjith. And no guys, this isn’t a sponsored review. I am not being paid to discuss all this or got any discount from the seller, i.e. ResQtech (see the order details below).

Invoice ResqTech

I have literally purchased this from Amazon during summer sale where I got 800 off on my SBI card. I recently purchased a new car and felt the need for a pressure washer after seeing the convenience it offers and for the long life of my car paint. I also have two split AC units and bike.

Tip: If the product is out of stock on Amazon, you can get in touch with Ranjith directly or purchase the pressure washer directly from their website. Or call on 1-800-233-7377

Anyways, I was discussing why ResQtech. Unlike Bosch and other brands that offer 6 months to 1-year warranty, its the only Pressure Washer in India that comes with 2-years manufacturer’s warranty, which is amazing and shows the confidence of the manufacturer on their product. Plus, their support is quite active and the team behind is based in Bangalore. Also, you get the pipe, a 90-degree nozzle and a soap dispenser, which isn’t available with other washers. Again, made this already powerful washer a better deal.

I was literally going to check out the Bosch pressure washer because the ResQtech was out of stock for about a week. I was constantly checking out for ResQtech washer but it was always out of stock. Then while I was checking out Bosch pressure washer, I thought of checking the ResQtech stock one last time, and to my surprise, it was available. So without wasting even a second and giving another thought, I paid the whole amount. And it got delivered within 4-days from Bangalore to Delhi.

That’s was quick.

So here’s what we get in the box,

  • Attachments for the water inlet, wheels, side gun, and wire holders
  • Self-priming suction hose (water inlet Pipe with Filter)
  • Main Hosepipe (5 meters approx)
  • Gun
  • Two gun attachments-1 with adjustable pressure throw and another 90-degree nozzle
  • A Soap Dispenser
  • And the main machine
Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
90 degree nozzle
90 Degree Nozzle
Adjustable Gun Nozzle
Inlet Pipe Connector


Hose pipe
Hose pipe
Intake Pipe with filter
Intake Pipe with filter

And here’s how you can connect all parts.

  1. So take out the main machine and connect the two attachments to either side.
  2. Let us connect the side hangers, just place push them with a little force to snap them in.
  3. Now, screw the handle to the machine
  4. Now, connect the Intake valve filter to the front side
  5. Connect the main hosepipe to the rear side and connect it to the gun. Simply push it to connect and push this button to disconnect
  6. Now connect the intake pipe, just push it in. To remove, push it opposite side carefully.
  7. Now the pressure washer is ready. However, to use it, you need a bucket of water or connect the intake pipe to the tap directly.
  8. Using a bucket for pressure washer needs a technique to make it work and here’s how you can do it.
  9. Just drop the intake hose in the bucket, connect the power plug, which is on, and turn on the switch on the machine. Now press the Gun until you see water flowing
  10. Once the water starts to flow, the machine is ready to be used. Connect the extension —90/the other one or soap dispenser to start using the machine.
Machine Left profile
ResQtech 1700 Watt 135 Bar – The Best Pressure Washer for Cars

How this machine work is really impressive. It starts automatically and runs until the priming is done. Priming means until the water starts flowing from one end to another. Then as soon as you stop, the machine also stops. This saves water and electricity.

And amazingly, I was able to wash my car in 10 minutes. Visually all the grime and dirt was removed effortlessly, however, you need to use a microfiber cloth to wipe it up and use wax to shine it like new and also protect from UV, dust, etc.

Overall a solid build quality and great attachments with 2 years of warranty, Indian brand, made in India, it totally worth it. A similar powerful washer from Bosch or Karcher with the cost you more than 12K that too without those accessories worth more than Rs.3000.

accessories worth 3000 Rupees are free

resqtech 1700 watt pressure washer review

The best part is that other accessories for this model are also available such as Patio cleaner (INR1500), foam lance (INR 999), and 7-meter long hose extension (INR 999).

I highly recommend this pressure washer for anyone who is looking to buy one. Consider this and you won’t regret. It’s the best pressure washer for Cars in India that can be used to clean AC units, floor, doors, etc. Don’t believe me, read the reviews on Amazon or watch other videos.

What do you think?

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