How to install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on PC with Androidx86 Installer

Do you know that you can install Android 5.0.2 OS on your Windows PC like you install a Software or application in Windows? Maybe yes, or maybe not.

If not then you’re Welcome to this New How to Guide on Android x86 OS installtion, In our Previous Tutorials we shown you with the help of Video guide that How you can install Android 4.4.2  Kitkat with PlayStore on any PC (Dual Boot with Linux, Mac or Windows). Well, today in this How to Guide i will Show you How you can install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on any Windows PC using Android x86 Installer with just few steps and Dual boot Windows and Android.

The best thing about the Android x86 installer is that you don’t need any USB Drive for installtion or install Grub bootloader which many do not like as it replaces the Windows boot manager.

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install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on PC with Androidx86 Installer

The problem with the previous installation using USB were like Bootmanager is Missing, error 16, hangs at Android boot LOGO etc. Also it was limited to space of 2GB. But if we install using Android x86 Installer Setup for Windows, we can create internal storage from 2GB(Min.) to 32GB(Max.).

install android x86 on Windows

This Installer will let you install Android x86 on your PC like you install any other app or software, for example, installing VLC media Player. Yes, it’s that much easier now.

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Also Android x86 Installer ensures no risk to Damage HDD Partitions, Boot Data or User Data. It’s like WUBI (ubuntu installer) but it is NOT a WUBI Based Installer. You can uninstall it anytime like you uninstall a Program in Windows.
After installation you will get an option on boot to select Windows or Android. (See the Screenshot below)

Android Boot x86 kitkat
Things you require for installation of Android OS:

  • Android 5.0.2 x86 ISO (Download Now)
  • Windows Boot Manager/NTLDR ( it is the default Boot Manager, no need if you have windows installed)
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32-bit or 64-bit
  • .NET Framework 4
  • Androidx86 Installer (Download from Here).

Installing Android-x86 5.0.2 KitKat on Windows/Linux PC:

  1. Launch the Androidx86 Installer.
  2. Select the downloaded Android x86 5.0.2 ISO file
  3. Select the partition where Android will be installed.
  4. Select “User Data Max. Size” i.e. Internal Space
  5. Click Install and wait about 5 min.
  • Note: Installation time depends on “User Data Max. Size” may be more than 10min with 32GB

How to Uninstall Android 4.4.2 KitKat from Windows PC:

  1. Start->Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  2. Select Android and click on “Uninstall”
  3. Just press any key and wait until screen disappear

 Below is a Video Guide showing installtion of Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, follow the same steps as shown in the following video, just change th Android x86 ISO file from Android 4.4.2 Kitkat to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

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Know Issues:

  • Not Work if GRUB is the default bootloader
  • EFI Not Supported

Change Log:

  • Version 1.2:
    – Support Windows 2000/XP [waiting for Users Reports]
    – Logging Installation Process
  • Version 1.1: automatically detect if VGA Card require xforcevesa nomodeset, no more android black screen
  • Version 1.0: initial version

Some Notes:

  • you can install Android on “USB Disk” or “SD Card”
  • you can install Android on Windows partition (Drive C: ), no problems at all

Windows 8 Devices Note:

  • Most of Windows 8 Devices which use UEFI and GPT Disk is not supported till Now.
Download Android x86 Installer for Windows

Checkout FAQs here : 

Let us know what you think and if you face any problem in installation or any question related to Android x86 in the comments below, and for more Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux tips and tricks, Connect with us to stay updated for more on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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  • tarochin

    I followed the procedure but now I’m stuck on android logo.. uninstalled it and started over, but not fixed.

  • Jithson

    i installed lollipop in my pc but its stuck on android logo, then i decided to uninstall this thing but i don’t know how to uninstall it plz help me here

  • AJAY


    • Checknmater

      Have you tried Kingo Root app. If not, then i would strongly suggest you to try it for rooting your Lenovo Device. Good luck!

  • Robert

    Followed your instructions and did the install on my Windows 10 laptop. When I restarted ir, first it said windows encountered a problem ( while shutting down). When it went to restart, it said Operating System not found. So now I will be reinstalling windows I guess. Any thoughts on this?

  • Hon

    I have followed your instructions and installed “android-x86-4.4-r2” on my pc. But when I tried to open the apps a lot of them says “Stopped working” before I can even open them (I can’t even open the gallery app that came with it). So can you tell me if it is just my computer or should I try another iso of android?

    • Ravi Singh

      I*If this is happening contantly then i would suggest you to try installing android x86 4.4 r2 on a USB Stick formatted in ext3 partition. Now what this will do is it will install properly the way linux OS is installed, also it will give you entire space as internal memory where you can install Apps and store files you want. You can follow this tutorial : How to Create Portable Android OS – Lollipop or Kitkat in a USB Drive – Update
      Just remember, format USB to ext3. Good luck!!

      • Hon

        Thank you very much for your reply sir, I had a quick look at the alternative and I have to install GRUB on PC right? But the thing is I don’t like GRUB so would there be an other method that would work without GRUB?

        Thanks in advance.

  • RK

    cInstalled Kitkat r3 on P

  • RK

    I have followed your instructions and installed “android-x86-4.4-r3” on my pc. Its working perfectly except sound. Is it possible to install sound/audio?

    • Ravi Singh

      If it’s not working then it will not as of now. Wait for next update or hack. Sorry!!

  • Kande

    My installation is still on extract FPS

  • chetan

    i have try as per ur post. but bootmanar file is missing and not able to start windows.

  • harshraj soni

    how i can open lollipop

  • Aditya

    The provided ISO seems to be corrupted. Please provide with new Marshmallow update.

    • Ravi Singh

      We are waiting for Marshmallow update. We will create tutorials on it as soon as we get the build.

  • yhiaali

    program Androidx86 Installer not work at all
    i try to install but it not work ang not give any thing

    • Ravi Singh

      It does not work for EFI system. If your system has MBR partitions then only it will work. Please check!! Thanks

  • erfan

    It runs only for the first time,then i can’t find it in boot menu. I tried CD,DVD,USB and android installer but they don’t work.please help!
    going crazy

    • Ravi Singh

      I didn’t undetstand what you said. Are you getting some error?
      Did you installed Grub bootloader while installing Androidx86?
      What you see when you boot your system?
      Are you able to boot from USB/DVD?

  • yhiaali

    i install NET Framework 4 and run program but i have an eror :
    error Occured:
    access to path ‘cgrldr’ is denied
    and dont install any thing untill i run program as administrator
    please helpe me to solve this problem
    thanks very mutch

  • darshan ravani

    hey … ! hello iam darshan ravani and iam very interested in installing android lollipop in my pc but the space max is showing only upto 2gb but how can i install android with more than 16 gb . I went to some sites and forums and asked about how to do it they told that if i will install it in a ext3 format then i can increase the storage is it coorect if yes then reply ….. please waiting for your reply

  • Ngoc Anh

    Stuck on Android logo! Can you fix this?

    • Ravi Singh

      Reinstall 🙁 Try Android Kitkat R3 update.

  • wiwiwi bien

  • Wasim

    Can you help me; How to install lollipop in pc

  • Jay Dwivedi

    please provide me proper link to download android 5.0

  • prudviraj

    hey brother could you please tell about how to install android x86 on Windows 8 Devices which use UEFI and GPT Disk

  • Blizwing

    I did all the procedure with a different lollipop version btu it says GRUB loader Error 15

  • in windows boot manager when i choose”android” it shows a black screen and returns to boot manager again and thus i am not able to open android lollipop

    • James

      Mine does exactly the same.
      Upon choosing Android, the screen changes to a black screen and it quickly flashes up in the top left hand corner

      Try (hd0:0): NTFS5:

      And then goes back to the windows boot nenu

  • Umar Firoz

    I have Lenovo G5070 laptop and I am facing some problems.
    First of all, I cant use Internet on lollipop x86 5.0.1.
    Also Bluetooth is not working at all.
    Its Hard disk has no partition also.
    So, please provide me the resolution at the earliest..

  • Ndi

    Hi Ravi,

    Many thanks for your article above.

    I had tried to follow the steps but at the time of instalation there was an error saying:

    Create – Warning Unsupported GPT detected. Use GNU Parted. Fatal Error: Bad Primary Partition. 0 partition ends in the final portal cylinder.

    I don’t know and don’t understand what it means. Could you explain and help to sort things out?

    THank you Ravi

    • Ravi Singh

      The problem with the installer is that it only supports MBR partition not GPT. That is the reason why you are getting this error. One thing that you can do is download EFI ISO file which you can download from and install it by following steps explained in this Guide


    Hell0 ! Tomorrow i install lollipop 5.0 in my tower PC .Every thing was fine but after installation was complete android boot logo was not respond and continue to start screen .Plzzz give me solution about this problem

    • Ravi Singh

      This update is not stable. Please install Android 4.4.4 Kitkat update which is very stable and will work for sure.
      Good Luck!!

  • keyur shah

    HEy ….
    Can anyone tell me how to root MI4I……
    I HAve Used KIngroot but it’s not working for it

  • Aruna Ishan

    I installed it and it works fine but there is no file manager how would i see my apks ?
    And i am giving internet through my mibile via USB it works fine in Windows but this Android it shows no connections

    • Ravi Singh

      You can’t connect to internet using USB Cable and your device. Use Tethering (Hotspot) to connect internet using WiFi or simply use Ethernet cable connection (DHCP only) to connect with internet. For file manager, you can download FileManager APK file from sites like and install it.

  • Bro I have installed android lollipop in my laptop,by reading the ways that u have suggested.After installation I restarted my laptop and selected android from the option and then it executes some commands and at last I have cought by some patterns [net like] it’s brightness was decreasing and increasing repeatedly and after that nothing happens .pls help me Ravi I am going crazy.tnx a lot.

    • Ravi Singh

      Bro, I will suggest you to follow this Guide and install Android OS with Windows. It much better, safe and secure way.