Dell XPS 15 9560 VS Inspiron 7560 Detailed Review and Comparison

Dell XPS 15 9560 VS Inspiron 7560 Detailed Review and Comparison

by Ravi Singh
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Recently Dell has release this all new 15 inch Inspiron 7560 ultrabook powered by 7th gen i5 and i7 Kaby Lake processors. And today in this video i will compare it with the all new XPS 15 powered by 7th Gen kaby lake i7 Processor.  Inspiron 7560 already released in UK, India and Korea. Soon going to be released in US and other countries.

Built Quality: XPS 15 9560 VS Inspiron 7560

Both XPS 15 and Inspiron 7560 has a solid design and build quality. The XPS 15 and Inspiron has Aluminium top and bottom panel. The deck is soft rubber matte finish in Inspiron 7560 while XPS 15 has this soft touch carbon fibre finish. This doesn’t wear out in XPS 15 but i don’t know about Inspiron as it’s new and haven’t used much. But both feels really good.

It can be open one handed, not as smooth as XPS 15 but hinges are solid. Little wobble and you can open up the Inspiron 7560.

Connectivity and Ports: XPS 15 VS Dell Inspiron 7560

For ports we have an SD Card Reader, A 2.0 USB port with Noble Security Lock port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, A HDMI port and a combo Headphone jack. There’s no USB C type port which you get in XPS 15. XPS 15 gets pretty decent ports. You get a USB C type port with HDMI connector, SD Card reader and 2* 3.0 USB port

Display Quality: Dell XPS 15 9560 Vs Inspiron 7560

What i liked is the Screen with Super thin bezels, it looks really great. . Xps 15 comes with a 4K display and is also available in touchscreen protected with Gorilla Glass. Inpiron 7560 comes with a 1080p TrueLife IPS LED Backlit Panel and color accuracy out of the box was not amazing but it does get super bright. The screen is little glossy and so you will see reflection which is not good for outside use. XPS 15 has this matte looking screen which is non reflective. Viewing angle are good. And i love these bezels. They really improve look and feel of this ultrabook, adds more beauty to it.

Camera (WebCam): Dell XPS 15 9560 VS Inspiron 7560

The webcam is located at bottom of screen in Inspiron just like in XPS 15 but in the Middle. It’s a 720P hd widescreen WebCam with infrared sensors. Camera in Inspiron 7560 is very good but not like we get in XPS 15. The infrared camera sensor enables you to control your inspiron 7560 with gestures.

You can easily upgrade the XPS 15 but you can’t do the same in Inspiron 7560.

Keyboard and TrackPad: Dell Inspiron 7560 VS XPS 15 9560

Inspiron 7560 and XPS 15 has almost similar looking keyboards. These are backlit keyboard. Backlighting is White. The keys in Inspiron are good and the travel is adequete not too long neither short. And from good i mean good, not excellent. Same with the XPS 15, they are easy to get used to.

The trackpad is nice, wide and big in Inspiron and XPS 15. Trackpad is very responsive with Windows precision drivers. This allows you to perform tasks faster and switch between apps and desktops faster using getsures. You can’t compare with Apples trackpad, those are really good. Click mechanism is solid and you can configure it accordingly. You can click anywhere on the trackpad for left click so you don’t need to go to bottom left for clicing. Overall very nicely build trackpad for a Ultrabook at this range. XS 15 has glass trackpad which is best while inspiron has a plastic one but feels nice.

Storage and RAM: Dell XPS 15 9560 vs Inspiron 7560

The Inspiron 7560 comes with Dual drives option, There are two models i5 with 1TB Hard Disk drive and i7 with 128GBSDD and 1TB HDD. While the XPS 15 comes with 256GB PCIe SSD. XPS 15 RAM can be upgraded upto 32GB while inspiron supports max 1GB as it’s single slot.

Battery and Power: Dell XPS 15 VS Inspiron 7560

It comes with a 42whr battery which i feel is less for a ultrabook this big. I get around 3-4hrs max with Low to medium tasks and around 2 hours with heavy tasks like rendering videos and playing games like GTA 5 or Watch Dogs 2. XPS 15 comes with upto 97whr battery which is close to legal limit of 99whr. XPS 15 with Kaby Lake chip performs way better and gives you close to 8hr of backup.

Processors : XPS 15 9560 Vs Inspiron 7560

Now both inspiron 7560 and Xps 15 runs on Kaby Lake i7 proceesors. The XPS 15 comes with i7 7700 Quad core processor while inspiron has i7 7500U dual core processor and 4GB Intel HD Graphics 620.

Single core Geekbench score is very close but XPS 15 takes lead on multi core score and the difference is big since it has a quad core processor.

Graphics Performance: Dell XPS 15 9560 vs Inspiron 7560

The gaming experience with Inspiron 7560 has been good not amazing. It’s equipped with a Nvidia Geforce 940MX 4 DDR5 Graphics memory. This is a New card with 4GB memory instead of 2GB but it is an entry level graphics card so don’t expect much from it. It can handle modern game titles like GTA 5, Watch Dogs 2 and The Witcher 3. I have tested these three till now and gaming performance is good at medium to low setting. The frame rates depends upon whether you are playing game on Battery power or using AC adapter. If you want best gaming experience with high frame rates, use ac adapter instead of battery as it significantly boosts the gaming performance.

While the XPS 15 is equipped with Nvidia Geforce 1050 DDR5 Graphics card which can handle almost every title available in the market at high settings. You can connect upto 3 Full HD and upto two 4K monitors using thunderbolt port USB C Type cable. The XPS 15 also allows you to connect with an external GPU.

The 940MX DDR5 Score 30000 pints on Geekbench test while the 1050 has more than double score around 65000

Coil Whine (Noises) Issues: Dell XPS 15 9560 vs Inspiron 7560

You will hear fan noise while playing heavy games or performing heavy tasks like rendering a video. But it’s not loud or something. The thermal is good, vents are at the back which blows out air downwars. Vents are not visible untill you open and tilt ispiron to a certain position. XPS 15 gives you much quieter experience.

Speakers and Sound Performance: XPS 15 9560 vs Inspiron 7560

If i talk about speakers, well speakers are pretty decent and loud. Comes with WAVEMAX AUDIO Pro that significantly boosts the sound quality. Speakers are really good and sound amazing. The speakers are at bottom of keboard in both XPS 15 and Inspiron and i think They should have given them on the deck besides keyboards like we get in a macbook. SO when you are using it on solid surface like on a table you will get amazing sound experience as sound s reflected but it’s not the case when you use it on your lap.

Conclusion: Which one to buy- Dell XPS 9560 or Inspiron 7560?

The bottom line this utrabook is really powerful, it’s my first so i don’t have much complains. Only downside i feel is the graphics cards which is not that great. It’s underpowered. But performs well while working on After effects and Premiere pro. What i love is the super thin Bezels and the aluminium build. The build quality is really great, it’s eye catching and it’s shines out in crowd. Beautiful ultrabook at this price. You will get Value for money. Other downside is the battery backup, it’s really not impressive and what they claim to be. XPS is really great giving you a full day charge. XPS 15 is really great but price difference is also very big. You can buy two Inspiron 7560 i7 models for th cost of one XPS 15.

It’s not perfect but at this price point but it’s really great with latest configuration and the built quality it has. You can compare the built quality with a Macbook pro or XPS 15 like we just did. SO have a look at this one andi hope you will like it too. See you in my next video, Subscribe if you loved this video and give a thumbs up. it’s been nice See you guys next time.

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