Download blocked Torrent Files using College or Office WiFi networks

Download blocked Torrent Files using College or Office WiFi networks

by Ravi Singh
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Majority of schools, colleges, offices and other private Networks block websites like Facebook, torrent, and entertainment websites to avoid misuse of internet (WLAN) and save their bandwidth. When you try to access ablocked websites on your college WLAN, the web-browser shows some error messages. One of my friend is in Amity University, Noida and one day he called me asking about how he can download files from torrent as it’s blocked. Reason is Amity’s WLAN has 10 times more speed than his home network. But yes you can access sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. at Amity.

Download blocked Torrent Files using College or Office WiFi networks

Unblock Torrent Files or Sites

Now when he asked me, i need to give him a solution which made me to do a search to solve this problem. Eventually, soon i came out with few solutions to unlock the torrent to download torrent files from blocked networks. And it worked. So now i’m sharing the same tricks of unblocking torrent even if it’s blocked.

Step 1: Download .torrent files in blocked networks

First you need to download the .torrent file from torrent sites. There are hundreds of torrent hosting websites where you can go and download desired torrent to download a particular desired file. Just go to any torrent site like or Torrentcrazy etc. websites and search for your desired file. For ex: If you want to download Jurrassic Park movie, navigate to any of torrent site and search for it. once found, download the .torrent file.

But what if torrent sites or search engines are also Blocked ?

Blocked Torrent site error message

Blocked Torrent site error message

Most commonly colleges, offices and schools blocks the biggest torrent sites like, etc. When we open these sites, it shows us some network errors. If they blocked only torrent sites and not P2P traffic, then we are good to go. We just need to use some proxy websites to unblock the blocked websites like or You can read more about P2P file sharing and VPNs here.

Download data from blocked sites

Now all you have to do is visit one of the proxy websites and then proxy site to visit blocked sites proxy site to visit blocked sites

♦ Enter the URL of any torrent search engines in the proxy websites address bar and press “enter”.

♦ Now the blocked torrent site will open and you can download desired torrent file.

♦ Finally, use utorrent or any other torrent client application.


What if Torrent Client application is blocked instead of torrent websites?

This needs some technical skills and if your college staff has such skills then they will block p2p traffic of the Wi-Fi. In that case none of the peer to peer applications like utorrent will work. For situations like this you can try downloading torrent data via Download manager application.

Downloading Torrent Data through Download Manager like IDM or DAP etc.

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For this, first download .torrent file using above explained methods and then upload the .torrent file in any of the website that allows you to download torrent directly via your browser by providing direct download link to that file. For eg., and

Download Torrent File using download Manager

Download Torrent File using download Manager

Recommended for you : How to download torrent file as direct Link dowload.

This method allows you to download torrent files at a very high speed but you can’t pause and resume downloads, so you need to keep downloading continued without any interruption. If you try to Pause and play, you may loose the download.

That’s all!! I hope this post has helped you like it helped my friend, so please share it and if you have any other solution to this problem then please share it with us via comments below. Don’t forget to Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for latest technology news, Updates and How to guides from Techposts

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orangebuty January 3, 2017 - 6:53 am

I often use allavsoft to download other YouTube videos or download video from Facebook, SBS, Blip TV, etc.


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