Stop/Disable YouTube Video Autoplay in Chrome or Firefox Browser

Stop/Disable YouTube Video Autoplay in Chrome or Firefox Browser

by Ravi Singh
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In this post, you will learn how you can disable YouTube video autoplay using an extension available for Chrome while Firefox Browser has this inbuilt. It’s simple, easy which saves your Data and money.

Disabling Auto Play Video on YouTube in Firefox Browser

Mozilla is the best web browser and it’s secure if compared to Chrome. Mozilla being open source and free has this feature inbuilt which means you don’t need to install any Extension that may slow down your browser. With this you can also control autoplay on other sites too.

To enable this option, you need to tweak Config settings of Mozilla. To access, type about:config in the address bar of Mozilla web browser and hit enter.

Mozilla shows you warning about Warranty Void, tap or click on i accept the risk!.

Now please don’t touch or change any preferences, only look for media.autoplay.enabled. Type this in search bar and it will come up.

Now just double click on media.autoplay.enabled and it will turn false.

Using extensions to Disable Youtube Video Autoplay on Firefox

You can also use extension in Firefox browser like we did in Google Chrome browser. If you don’t want to accept the risk message or you want more control on YouTube settings like in Chrome, you can use extension. You can use FlashStopper and YoutubePlus. ImprovedTube is not available for Firefox browser currently. But these extension will still works well on Firefox. YoutubePlus offer some additional features and you can control quality, autoplay, restricks buffering of upcoming videos(autoplay) etc.

YouTube Plus is also available on Chrome Browser also.

Disabling YouTube Video Autoplay in Google Chrome

To disbale Autoplay video on YouTube, you need an extension called ImprovedTube. ImprovedTube doesn’t only restricts Youtube Autoplay but also allows you to improves YouTube’s functions and site with Limited Permissions. You can adjust auto HD, Resize, hide or show Annotations, control Playback Speed and much more.

To disable Autoplay, Install ImprovedTube and then go to Player Settings. From there, under Video Auto Play, choose Auto Play Disabled. (See Screenshot).

You have lots of different options to customize your YouTube viewing experience. You can set default size for all video playbacks. After applying settings, just reload the page and you are good to go.


So this was all in Hopw you can disable Autoplay in YouTube. You can see other YouTube guides like How to Skip Pre-Roll YouTube Video Ads on Android Without Root or How to Play Youtube Videos in Background on Firefox for Android and most interesting How to Enable Gesture Controls in YouTube to adjust Volume and Brightness. I also Hope you liked this How to guide. We also have a YouTube channel where we upload videos related to How to tech guides, app and gadget reviews. SO please Subscribe to our YouTube channel and support us.

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