9 Cool Instagram Tips and Tricks You must Know – How to Guide

Instagram is the most popular app for sharing pictures. With an Instagram account one can upload photos for the world to see. This app is loaded with many features, and to get hold of all features, you need to explore them. So here i am with this article to show you a few cool Instagram tricks and give you quick tips on using world’s most popular photo sharing app.

9 Instagram tricks You must Know

9 Cool Instagram Tips and Tricks – How to Guide

9 Tips and Tricks of Instagram you must Know – How to Guide

1. How to keep your Instagram Account Private ?

When you create an Instagram account and upload photos, your photos can be seen by anyone as by default Instagram publicly share every possible photo that you post. So if you are one of those who are not open up showing their pictures to random people on the internet, then make your account private.

To turn your account to private, go to the options menu through your profile page on the mobile app, and then turn on the Private Account option.

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Keeping Your Instagra Account Private -Techposts

Keeping Your Instagra Account Private -Techposts

That would be the best deal for you as it’ll will leave you in charge of whom you’ll allow to follow you. unlike by default any possible person can start following us.

2. How to Save Data While Using Instagram?

Instagram requires more data as it loads images and videos. So, If you are always low on data, there is a good solution to this issues. For this,

  • Go to the options menu and then tap on Cellular Data use.
  • Tap on cellular data use
  • Tap on Use Less Data for efficient data usage.

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save Data While Using Instagram

Save Data While Using Instagram – Techposts

3. How to Geo-tag in Instagram?

We sometimes forget where the photo was taken. Sometimes people ask you on instagram the same. For this you can use Geo-tagging feature of Instagram to tag the picture with the location where you clicked it.

To do so, select Add to Photo Map option whenever you share a photo via Instagram. Your images will be saved in the photo map and you and others will then be able to see the place where your picture was clicked.

Geo-tag In Instagram - Techposts

Geo-tag In Instagram – Techposts

4. How to Link Your Instagram Account with Social Media Accounts

Did you know Instagram allows you to link other Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter etc, so that you can share your posts straightaway with your loved ones or with your followers. No need to upload it again and again on each account, just link them and you are good to go.

For this, Go to Options>Linked Accounts and then click on Social Media Icons to link accounts.

Link Your Instagram Account with Social Media Accounts - Techposts

Link Your Instagram Account with Social Media Accounts – Techposts

5. How to Remove a Tag on Instagram?

It’s very irritating when someone tags you for no reason. Sometimes it becomes embarrassing as these photos are visible to your followers also. Instagram has a solution to cope with this issue as well,

  • First, go to the image that you are tagged in.
  • Once image is opened, tap on 3 dot button symbol on the bottom right,
  • Next, look for an option that says Photo Options, click on it,
  • Now at the last stage, you’ll need to look for the option that says Remove Tag,
  • Press it to remove the tag from that photo. That’s all!!
Remove a Tag on Instagram - techposts.org

Remove a Tag on Instagram – Techposts.org

5. How to Send Instagram Photos Privately to Your Friends?

If you wish to send images directly to your friend, then you can use Instagram direct feature.

For opening Instagram direct,

  • first go to the home option that you have on the main screen of the Instagram,
  • Tap on a drawer like image on the top right corner, pressing it will open Instagram direct.

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Sending Instagram Photos Privately to Your Friends

Sending Instagram Photos Privately to Your Friends

6. How to Use Instagram As Photo Editor?

You can use Instagram as a photo editor. It features options of a basic photo editor. to access this

  • Put your phone on flight mode,
  • then click pictures using Instagram, edit them and publish them.
  • An error will come up saying that the upload failed, don’t worry it is saved in your gallery.


Use Instagram As Photo Editor

Use Instagram As Photo Editor

7. How to Print Your Instagram Photos on A Poster?

You can visit myyearprinted.com to get your Instagram photos printed on a poster,

Steps to follow :

  • Click on Connect with Instagram and authenticate to connect with app.
  • After that you’ll be asked to select the users whose pictures you would want to have on a poster
  • Clicking on any of the users would display all the pictures posted by that user in a specified time frame.
  • Now you’ll be asked to select the images from the images provided on the screen, so that they can be added to your poster. If you don’t select any image, all the images presented to you on the page will appear on the poster.
  • Finally, select the size of your poster, and order it by paying.
Printing Your Instagram Photos on A Poster

Printing Your Instagram Photos on A Poster

8. How to Combine Multiple Instagram Photos into A Single Image/ Make A collage?

People are crazy about making collages, and Instagram, thus came up with another app called Layout. This app allows you to create beautiful collages and share them instantly on Instagram. For this, download this app to let the magic unfold.

Download Now for: Android , iOS 

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Combine Multiple Instagram Photos into A Single Image/ Make A collage

Combine Multiple Instagram Photos into A Single Image/ Make A collage

9. How to Create Amazing Time Lapse Videos on Instagram?

A user now can easily create beautiful time lapse videos using Hyperlapse app from the house of Instagram. Hyperlapse is currently only for iOS devices.

This app let’s you adjust and tweak the speed of the video.  What’s more, this app even stabilizes the shaky videos, so one can get amazing videos without a tripod.

Create Amazing Time Lapse Videos on Instagram

Create Amazing Time Lapse Videos on Instagram

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Final Words

Tell us what you think, did you know any of the Tricks explained above? or if you think or you know any trick related to Instagram then please share it with us and leave us a comment below. feedback will be appreciated. For more such Hpw to Guides, Tech News and Reviews, stay tuned or Subscribe us for more such How to Guides on Techposts.

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